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  1. Is there any new solution for this? I have the same problem at this time. With the Recuva version v1.42.544 I have the last log and the last dump file in this zip file. Thanks Esteban Recuva.zip
  2. Yes, selecting two or three at same time, this can be usefull, for example: Conecting two usb drives and dont want to scan also my computer entire drive... Thanks
  3. Please add an option to scan the drives that i want. Like the (scan all drives) opcion but, selecting one by one the drives i want to scan. Thanks
  4. I have test the "chkdsk /f" comand in the hard drive and I do not think that has made many changes to the hard disk, but i have test again with recuva and the same error ocurrs The logfile its a little extensive than before Any ideas? Thanks P.D: In the new version of recuva the problem is still here, I have attached the log of the error in the new version of recuva "1.42.544" Recuva_log1_41_5371-12-2011_10-31.zip.zip] Recuva_log1_42_5442-12-2011_16-5.zip
  5. But if I do that, I'm modifying the hard drive a lot and I think I can lose a lots of files of the recovery Is this safe? Thanks
  6. Hello i have test again the recovery and in the log file, in the final lines apear too much times this: [ERROR] bad allocation I have attached the log file, and a .dmp file have been created but is emtpy How i fix this? It can be a damaged hard disk the cause of this error? can i bypass the bad allocation error? Thanks Recuva_log1_41_5371-12-2011_0-22.txt
  7. The error don't appear in all hard drives that i have used recuva, only in some of them, im going to see the number of files that recuva detects in the first pass before the error appears and the cpu usage of the computer (before, i have executed recuva alone and with other programs runing without any problem), also im going to use the /debug parameter to see if a logfile is created. PD: In the recuva folder there are some recovery files and folders, from various recoveries that i have done before, i have not selected the recuva folder as the destination folder, can be that a bug? Thanks
  8. Hello, i have a problem with recuva, when i try to find files in a hard drive, when it finish scanning for files, its says in spanish "Memoria insuficiente", in english "insufficient memory" or also it can be this i found in the changelog of recuva: "Insufficient resources error" Why this error occurs? I have test the same SATA hard drive of 250GB in 2 computers Computer 1 Windows 7 32Bits 4GB RAM (3,37GB usable) 700GB Free HD Computer 2 Windows XP 2GB RAM 190GB Free HD I both computers its says de same error, when recuva reaches 100% in the first pass of scanning My recuva options are Show files found in hidden system directories Deep Scan Scan for non-deleted files Restore folder structure I have test to uncheck Scan for non-deleted files and the same occurs Thanks and sorry for my english
  9. Hello, im the webmaster of http://www.elrincondeesteban.ya.st, and i want to add a download link to CCleaner to my webpage, there are any rules to do that? Have CCleaner a mail list for new versions of CCleaner? Thanks
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