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  1. On that very subject, does anyone know where i can find a list that will translate what the data and registry keys are. I'd like to know what i'm deleting. In the past i've lost some valuable items because i didn't know what i was deleting. I've since added "Tweak Now Registry Cleaner" which has been extremely helpful, but i have a suspicion that it's not weeding out all the bad entries in my Registry. For example, if i run Tweak Now before CCleaner, it's probable that CCleaner will pick up an additional 10-20 entries that tweak now didn't catch. The differance of course being, i have a much better idea of what i'm deleting in Tweak Now than in CCleaner's "Issues". I hope i did this right, i've attempted to attach the current list od "issues", if there isn't a comprehensive list, a formula or a way to figure out what they are, or failing that, maybe an idea of what the items on this "Issues" list are. Any help is greatly appreciated. Well i guess the transfer of the attachment didn't work. Error message stated i could not attach that type of extention! Oh well, I tried. What does BB code ( I'm knda new to this Forum business )
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