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  1. You shouldn't defrag temp files - you should run CCleaner (and any other cleaning/optimizing you normally do as maintenance) before you defrag. The pagefile should be in it's own tiny partition & cleared when you shutdown for the night. You can also turn hibernation off, giving up the hibersys file before defragging, if you wish. Although some disk-oriented applications ignore the pagefile and hibersys file - this one may too, I don't know - moderators??.
  2. Actually, the safest handling of a pagefile is to give it it's own tiny partition - preferably on your backup harddrive instead of your system drive, so it isn't competing for read/write time with day to day work - then set the start size and maximum size both equal to the maximum size, and have the contents deleted at shutdown for safety (which I do once a day - when I shut down at night). Voila! it's defragged every day.
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