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  1. I love the new system restore feature. It is nice to be able to pick and choose however PLEASE add the ability to pick multiples (shift + pick or Ctrl + pick).
  2. I would really like the ability to search and delete certain file types like *.tmp, *.bak, etc... and I would like this to even be customizable so I can add my own extensions and perhaps even customize the path information such as c:\programfiles\somefolder\*.perf etc... thanks, Jonathan
  3. Goodpasture

    drive map

    I know this has been asked already but I haven't seen a real good answer. Anyways why after several defrags is there blank spots in my drive map with data apparently still scattered all over the drive. It's not THAT bad but I don't understand why there is a dark or light blue peg or two in the middle and there are 1 or 2 or even 3 adjacent pegs which are apparently empty in the middle of everything else towards the top portion. I want all blue towards the top and all white towards the bottom. thanks, Jonathan
  4. I came here to ask the exact question myself. Mine wasn't that noticable but not very fragged either (I guess). Anywyas I started with 30.2 GB free space and ended with 29.5 GB free space. What gives??
  5. I was just coming to the board to post on this same issue. I've tried defragging several times and can't get my drivemap to be solid. It has a dozen or so mixed blocks scattered about. Any way to resolve this?
  6. I love the idea to include screensaver functionality into defraggler. It totally makes sense to always defrag a little here and a little there.
  7. WEll I must start off by saying I love your program(s) . I love defraggler and I know it is in early beta but I can say I have noticed performance increase with my new Vista machine and no problems or errors also. It was in dire need at some point. I suppose I've been moving tons of files over from different sources to get me up and running and lots of fragmentation was taking place. My new Quad core 4 GB Ram MACHINE was working like a half a pony. I turned some of the Aero eye candy off which was a nice tip i found somewhere on the web and used your utilities. Now getting to Defraggler, It works great but trying to do a complete C drive defrag, it says I have 45 GB fragmented files and it runs and runs and runs but seems to pretty much stop about 23 or 24% of Defragmenting Free Space. It goes through the other just fine. I'm guessing this is talking about the free space of my drive that you can't see and use immediatelly but it's just tied up. So if my C drive says I have 340 GB free, after this process, It shoud say more like 385 GB free??? right? I could leave it run longer if I beleived it was doing it's thing and just needs lots of time for this process but I'm afraid at this point to let it keep running when it doesn't seem to be doing anything. thanks, Jonathan
  8. Is this for anyone wo wants to? Or just if your having problems?? I can't say how much I LOVE this product and I haven't ran into one problem with it yet. Thanks!! I really appreciate the "clean" feel of all your software. Thanks again! Jonathan
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