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  1. HELP! I am one of those sad people with a computer that is 8,000 years old. Okay, actually it is about 10 years old, running the first (not even the second) version of Windows 98. I ran CCleaner to free up some room because I had virtually no memory left (not much to begin with) and yes, it freed up a ton of space. However, it also took away one of the only things I really need: Wordperfect , and it also screwed up my Outlook Express (the only other thing I really use.) I seem to be able to receive e-mails but I can't send any (it won't let me compose) and my address book disappeared, though all my old e-mails thankfully are still there. I am assuming I deleted the programmes that deal with these things, but I didn't do anything strange...I don't think! I didn't uncheck "office" under applications, because I thought that was just another of a bunch of programmes I have that I never use. I didn't think that referred to Outlook or Wordperfect. The message that comes up when I open outlook says: "the address book failed to load. Outlook express is incorrectly configured, please re-install." When I try to compose a message it says: "there was an error opening this message. An error has occured." Wordperfect is just gone. Perhaps I need to reinstall these programmes, but the problem is that I do not have the windows 98 CD. I bought this computer 8,000 years ago from someone who didn't give the cd to me. I don't even know where to get it now, and quite frankly, I hate to have to buy it even if I could because I'm completely broke and that's money I could put towards what I really need - a new computer! Any suggestions? Help help help! I really need my wordperfect back. God knows what else disappeared that I use and am not aware of... And how did this happen? If it was because I didn't uncheck "office" shouldn't it be more clear what that refers to? Thanks much! (not the most computer savvy over here, obviously!)
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