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  1. Ha, that was it!!! Stupid me, I didn't even think it could have been the Opera cookies. I don't use Opera very often. Well now the cookies clear out in the Options/Cookies page, but I still don't get the Adobe Flash Player not showing. Your CCleaner skin even looks different than mine. In the Firefox addons it shows Shockwave Flash in the plugins, but not Adobe Flash Player. Could that be causing it? Should I uninstall Shockwave Flash and reinstall Adobe Flash Player?
  2. Didn't work, although I did it a bit round about because I missed that last part at fist about the Include feature. I deleted the .sol file (only one shown and only in 2nd location), then all the cookies in both locations, put both folders in the Include feature, ran Run Cleaner, all cookies that showed in left pane are still there. (EDITED) Just tried completely removing everything CCleaner including a very thorough mop up with Glary's reg tool, AusLogic's reg tool, and manual registry searches, rebooted, freshly installed CCleaner again, hit Run cleaner, and STILL those cookies that wer
  3. Then what could possibly cause it to not show AFP in the App tree?
  4. It seems it may be that you have a retail vs free version Dennis, I only have the free version, but again, the free version has always cleared the left side of the cookies page after Run Cleaner. Also, I am still on XP Home if that matters. Jamin, the key you listed shows up in HKCR, HKLM and HKU, but not HKCR. Maybe that's the problem. I primarily use Firefox, and it's my default browser, so AFP installs as a plugin for it, though oddly it's not listed in the plugins even though it's working. I also did an XP repair recently, vs full format, which I suppose could have something to do
  5. Ah, I see, thanks for clarifying Dennis. If what you indicated about the Multimedia listings in the Application tree is the default, I have something wrong, because I see no Adobe Flash Player listed under Multimedia, just the following... Quicktime Player Quicktime Player Cache VirtualDub Windows Media Player Windows Movie Maker What's weird is I don't even have Quicktime Player installed. I only installed Quicktime Alternative, which merely allows embedded Quicktime videos on websites to play. I have Adobe Flash Player 10 installed and their Flash player test site verifies it. Th
  6. Well I looked at that link, and none of the ini edits seem to apply to cookies you want to delete, just save. So I really wouldn't know how to edit it. Besides, that doesn't really explain why this is happening. I never had this problem before.
  7. Mind saying what you mean by that? You mean uninstall, then reinstall CCleaner?
  8. For some time now I've had a problem with CCleaner retaining the cookies list in Options\Cookies after using Run Cleaner. Before it always emptied this list, which made it easy to find which cookie pertained to a site I registered on so I could save that cookie vs having to login each time I visit it. It is deleting cookies, it just won't refresh the cookies list in the left side of the Options\Cookies page. What can I do to resolve this? I've been updating CCleaner by merely over writing the files when it alerts me of a new version, which has always worked fine, but maybe I should thoroug
  9. Capman: I reread everything I said, and I only see that I was trying to clarify what I meant, that's all. If you have to select which cookies you want to save every time you use the cleaner function, that's news to me. I don't know why they would design it that way, but are you sure that is the case? englishmen: I'll check those links you offered, and thanks.
  10. Yeah, Andavari, I do have a memtest disc I made once, so I'm going to do a test with that. I didn't know you had to remove one stick and test them one at a time though. I'm running 1G OCZ Platinum low latency RAM, in dual channel. I thought you could test both at once in dual channel, but I may be wrong. Are there any tests I can run to check the proc though, or tests that check specifically for boot/reboot errors?
  11. It would appear you are leaping to conclusions based on one sentence of what you read, and are being rather overprotective because of it Capman. "I was worried CCleaner might be causing it, as it doesn't seem to be working right." This means I thought the program should be retaining the cookies I set it to, which it is not, but you didn't answer that part. Yes I use other adware/spyware tools, mainly Ad Aware, but haven't really needed to since installing CCleaner, as there's never anything left behind by it. I also did some HighjackThis scan logs, had then auto annalyized by t
  12. Hi, I'm new here, and am in desperate need of some help. I run XP Home, use a Qwest 1.5MB DSL connection, and have been using Avast free antivirus, and Zone Alarm's free firewall, but have recently switched the antivirus back to AVG's free version. The reason I switched back to AVG recently, was that I had to constantly click on the program update of Avast, wait for the def stamp to download, which took anywhere from a few seconds to a minute or more, whenever I couldn't get on the net (page cannot be displayed). Sometimes this would happen again shortly after getting on the net, whe
  13. Well thanks for trying to help englishmen, but as I said in this sentence: "My main problem with this program is that it will only save the cookies I tell it to for so long (not sure of exact time period), then it deletes them." ...I've told it to do that, and just as you described, but the ones I want to keep only remain in the list on the right for so long, then poof, they're gone. Is there some Apply, Save, or other tab I'm missing after placing them there maybe?
  14. Hi, I'm new here, and have only been using CCleaner for a little while. I first read about it via some forum chat I picked up on after doing a Google search about how to clean the Client UrlCache MMF Ver 5.2 index file in the cookies folder. My main problem with this program is that it will only save the cookies I tell it to for so long (not sure of exact time period), then it deletes them. This is very frustrating and causes me to have to reregister on many sites. I don't see a way to adjust settings anywhere to account for this. Can someone be so kind as to lend a hand on this?
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