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  1. Thanks JD Power, I have solved the problem already.
  2. Thanks. I have book mark the CCleaner beginner guide. I'm new to understand the internal of Windows, firewall, Internet explorer etc., Because my computer infect virus,i have to learn how to clean and fix it.
  3. Thanks for your reply. Can i use Firefox safe mode for net surfing ? Or better switch it back to the normal version that will be much safe ?
  4. Can i use CCleaner to delete all the temp files only ? Any particular setting for just cleaning this types of file not other objects???
  5. Hi, My problems is the Windows can not load. Today is the same, but the second times, it's no problem.... After i restarted the computer, it's the same, first time, can not load. but second times it's o.k.. Pls comment. Thanks for your help.
  6. Just in Firefox. Yes, i can login in by "Internet Explorer". I think it's the cookie problems, however, i have set in my Firefox to accept "FaceBook" cookies, unfortunately, still can't log in..
  7. I am using Firefox, however i can not login "Face book.com ", does anyone know why ?
  8. I can't find neither Reg.File nor Regedit, can only find : -Packages registered and -Registration Are above same as Reg.file ? Thanks
  9. Hi, I have the same problems as yours, how can we repair the Windows installation ? Thanks !
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