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  1. SpywareGuard will not slow down your computer in any way that will be noticeable. I'm done posting on this forum. --------------- Edited by moderation. Please refer to the forum rules!
  2. Yea, cuz SpywareGuard uses SO much processing power. And I can honestly say, all I use is SpywareBlaster, SpywareGuard and the Immunize feature of Spybot and I've never had an issue.
  3. I emailed them makers of SpywareGuard and asked if they had any plans of releasing more updates to it, and they emailed me back with a link to a post on their site. The post clearly states that yes, it is outdated, but if used in addition to an anti-spyware program, it still helps prevent infection. It isn't meant to be used by itself.
  4. SpywareGumrd is meant to be used in addition to an anti-spyware program, not in place of one. And yes, it does help. I use F-Secure BlackLight, the free edition, because it still helps in finding rootkits. Sorry for the misleading title, but only the best security freeware will be added to the initial post. And for the rest of you, quit whining and just be grateful that there are posts like this. They are useful to some people, especially those who are new to freeware.
  5. These are the apps that I have been using on my personal computer and I have had no issues with them and I have yet to be infected by any sort of malware. Anti-Spyware Ad-Aware 2007 Ewido MicroScanner Spybot Search & Destroy SpywareGuard SpywareBlaster Spyware Terminator Super Anti-Spyware AVG Anti-Spyware Windows Defender Anti-Virus McAfee Stinger AVG Anti-Virus Dr. Web CureIt Avast! Home Edition Anti-Rootkit Scanning: RogueRemover Panda Anti-Rootkit F-Secure BlackLight AVG Anti-Rootkit
  6. I use Ad-Aware 2007, Spybot S&D, Ewido MicroScanner, Super Anti-Spyware and AVG Anti-Spyware. I use SpywareGuard and SpywareBlaster to prevent spyware infections. Also, I use Mozilla Firefox with these addons: SafeCache, SafeHistory, McAfee SiteAdvisor and KeyScrambler.
  7. malikor


    XP-AntiSpy is a little utility that lets you disable some built-in update and authetication 'features' in WindowsXP. For example, there's a service running in the background wich is called 'Automatic Updates'. I don`t know what this service transfers from my machine to other machines on the internet, especially the MS ones. So I play it safe and disable such functions. If you like, you can even disable these function manually, by going through the System and checking or unchecking some checkboxes. This will take you approximately half an hour. But why wasting time when a little neat utility can do the same in 1 minute? XP-Antispy was successfully tested by many users and was found to disable all the known 'Suspicious' Functions in WindowsXP. Download it here.
  8. malikor


    This post covers all bases, and is very thorough. I'd like to post a link to a site that is dedicated to listing freeware security programs. They are also categorized. Check it out at: http://wiki.castlecops.com/Lists_of_Freewa...curity_Software
  9. Use Mozilla Firefox with the following addons: Secure Login SafeCache SafeHistory KeyScrambler Secure Login protects you by basically sandboxing your stored passwords until needed by a webpage that uses the stored login information. SafeCache and SafeHistory protect you from threats caused by spyware that gets a hold of your cache and/or history. KeyScrambler encrypts any and all keystrokes so as to protect you from KeyLoggers. Happy Web Crawling
  10. The Regsitry Defrag can be put in a Stable Version. A Beta version with that feature can be released to testers with a warning that it is Beta and the feature may or may not work properly. TuneUp Utilities has a RegDefrag Option but I would rather have that option in a portable, lightweight version that a large suite of apps that TuneUp has.
  11. Wouldn't it be nice if you could use that feature from within CCleaner and not need to run multiple apps?
  12. Add a utility to CCleaner to allow the program to Wipe Free Space. What this will do is make it impossible for people to use a data recovery program to get information back. A security precaution. Also, very useful for people who use and/or carry around portable USB drives or hard drives because then if the device is found, someone can't do an undelete operation and find private information.
  13. How about addin the option to just defragment the free space, instead of waiting fo it to defragment files first. This can be useful if you are defragmenting a portable USB Thumb Drive.
  14. malikor


    Stand-Alone Freeware: MyUninstaller - Uninstall manager http://www.snapfiles.com/get/myuninstaller.html ATF-Clenaer - Disk Cleaner http://www.snapfiles.com/get/atfcleaner.html Autoruns - Startup Manager http://www.snapfiles.com/get/autoruns.html JkDefrag - Defragmenter http://www.snapfiles.com/reviews/JkDefrag/JkDefrag.html Pocket Killbox - File Shredder http://www.softpedia.com/get/Security/Secu...t-Killbox.shtml PC-Decrapifier - Software Remover http://www.snapfiles.com/get/pcdecrap.html Prevx CSI - Anti-Spyware Utility http://www.majorgeeks.com/Prevx_CSI_-_FREE...nner_d5785.html System Spec - System Information http://www.snapfiles.com/get/systemspec.html
  15. malikor


    How about these links: http://www.piriform.com http://www.malwarebytes.com
  16. SafeCache - Defends against cache-based web privacy attacks. SafeHistory - Defends against visited-link-based web privacy attacks. Clean & Close - Adds a Clean & Close button to the download manager. Download Statusbar - View and manage downloads from a tidy statusbar. Fasterfox - Performance and network tweaks for Firefox. IE Tab - Enables you to use the embedded IE engine within Firefox.
  17. Perhaps you shouldn't use a color scheme. Especially one that is so bizarre. Bumblebee fetish?
  18. Add the cleansing of MRU Objects into the list of items that CCleaner cleans. I know that most MRU Objects are already cleaned but make it more thorough. Otherwise I have to use MRU-Blaster to find the ones that CCleaner can't remove.
  19. malikor


    Some good sites to visit for freeware: http://www.filehippo.com http://www.majorgeeks.com http://www.thindownload.com http://www.portableapps.com http://www.portablefreeware.com http://www.programfiles.com http://www.snapfiles.com http://www.softpedia.com For a list of freeware that has been updated, check the link below. The list is updated daily and the list at Major Geeks is updated as new versions are released. http://freewareupdates.info/
  20. Auto-Update Feature: Just like CCleaner has, that way it is easier to keep up-to-date. Also, make options in a feature to let you know if the update is Beta or a Major Release. Portable Version: Just like CCleaner has so that when the program is installed, there is nothing left on the host computer, including an association that lists the program in the Add/Remove Programs list. Registry Defrag: Add an item in the list that shows the drives to defrag that lets you also defrag the registry upon reboot. Also add an option to automatically defrag the registry and auto-reboot after defragmentation of the selected drive is complete. Perhaps add options to do one of the following once defrag of the current drive is complete: - Close Program - Log Off User - Shut Down - Restart And make it possible to queue other drives for defrag. For example, I could set it to defrag my internal hard drive first. Once complete, begin defrag of my external hard drive, then defrag my USB drive. Add a feature to run a scheduled defrag every day, week or month. I know this is possible thru a feature already included in Windows but integration of the scheduling feature would be nice.
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