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  1. Is it just a one-off payment, or is it a license you need to keep renewing at further cost?
  2. Was recently doing a lot of uninstalling through CCleaner, and thought about this again, so I thought I'd come along and bump it, see if there's any community interest now, some months later.
  3. I don't know if there's any call for this, but I'd quite like the ability to, under the Tools>Uninstall list, sort the programs into user-defined categories or groups. That way, I can easily sort out the games, the social/internet apps, the office apps, etc - all the programs I know the function/purpose of and deliberately put there - from the things I am less certain of. Not only would this make it simpler to track down programs I no longer want, it would also make it easier to single out the programs I'm not sure about, and look up what they really are (maybe finding some sly malware in
  4. I agree with this - the GUI could definitely use some updating/streamlining. It's a great product, but a smarter, more intuitive look would be marvellous. JDPower's suggestions seem like a sensible nod in the right direction. If the Piriform family of products also had a consistent look/layout (with accommodations for the varying functions, of course), that would only make things all the better. Brand coherency and all that.
  5. The Piriform Suite. A single window application with tabs for CCleaner, Defraggler, Recuva, and now Speccy. A combined configuration GUI with a general tab, and the familiar settings for each individual app.. Help files and links could be consolidated into one menu. Updates all handled neatly together (because of course the whole Suite app. would update). The option to run a combined clean and defrag. Possibly other combined uses? I can definitely see the allure of this, but it might prove too much to keep updated as well as keeping 4 separate apps updated. It'd get my vote - I use
  6. It could always be an option, off by default and only turned on by those who need it. It's simply annoying having to download a new installer onto the pc every time there's an update (this is less of a problem for me now I have a firefox extension which lets me run exes without downloading)
  7. I'd just like to revive this, mention it again. I'll rephrase what I mean though, as it may not be clear - when there's an update available, it'd be nice if the update was automatically applied. That is, I didn't have to go to the website and find the latest version and download and install it; the program simply updated itself. Is this possible? I mean, I know it is because other programs do it, but is it possible within the context of CCleaner? Also, I saw mentioned on the forums somewhere the idea of a unified suite of programs - CCleaner, Defraggler, and Recuva. That would b
  8. I love how they have 'unknown country' as an option under 'country'. It's like "I just woke up in this dirty hotel room, with no recollection of how I got here and no ID...my head's swimming, what happened last night? But wait, that's not the issue now - I gotta get to a computer - Windows XP needs my support!"
  9. Is that so? I'm also using XP, but as I said, if I open the program and there's a new version available it tells me, but then links me to the website and I have to manually run it through. I have 'Automatically check for updates' checked under settings. How odd. Next time there is an update, I will ignore the window, and click on the bottom right link, and see if the behaviour is any different.
  10. I love CCleaner, it's very useful and user-friendly, but it annoys the hell out of that every time there's an update I have to go through about 5 or 6 steps (go to the website, follow a couple links to get to the download link, save the file, run the installer, set all the options I already set last time I updated, then delete the old installer file). It would be nice if there were some automatic updater, which downloaded and applied the changes automatically, without having to manually download and install a new file (similar to the way an anti-virus program would automatically update its da
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