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  1. I haven't completely isolated the file yet, but in the temp folder there seems to be a hp type of file, its in a few different places, so I haven't tried this yet. I just tried out ATF cleaner, and did a complete cleanup, temp files included. The printer worked after doing this, so there must be a different way CCleaner handles these files. The work comp is running XP
  2. It's a HP all in one. I have used ccleaner with other models of HP all in ones, so this could be a new way HP handles their drivers. Ill analyze and look for that HP file, and try and isolate it. Thanks!
  3. unfortunately i'm at home, so i cant. havent had this prob before though the printer is new and ccleaner sees it as a useless file. would the analysis be saved somewhere?
  4. I have run ccleaner at work, and both times after I have finished, I have been unable to use the printer afterwards. It says something like a spool service error, and it doesn't show up as an installed printer, nor can I reinstall it. If I restart the computer, the printer works again. Any suggestions what I must do to keep this from happening? Any help would be much appreciated startreksuite
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