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  1. The following requested processes are not executing: WMPLAYER.EXE; I'll consult a few techs to see what they have to say about this odd issue. Is it still hanging?
  2. Is WMP still exhibiting the same issues as before? Here's the link: http://wiki.lunarsoft.net/wiki/Creating_memory_dumps Simply follow the Hanging section directions since WMP is (was?) hanging.
  3. It all depends on the drivers you update. Updating drivers is a smart thing to do. Often a lot of issues are resolved that you may or may not have been experiencing. This has even happened to a friend who got Age of Conan. After he updated his drivers for his graphics, the game ran twice as fast and much more smoothly. Updating drivers such as graphics, sound and any PCI, AGP or PCI-E device the needs said drivers. Some drivers are often left alone unless you are experiencing issues, as Dennis has said. Such as your motherboard (chipset) which handles SMBus, USB, AHCI/RAID/SCSI, PCI-E, PCI, AGP, onboard audio, onboard video, etc etc.
  4. DD-WRT cannot handle torrents or any high (20+) number of connections. Tomato can handle them brilliantly.
  5. davey is correct, it was indeed time to head off to sleep. We can try to either reinstall WMP to repair it or get a memory dump to find what's causing it to hang on close. Even ProcessExplorer can be valuable as it can tell you everything WMP is accessing in terms of dlls and other items.
  6. Good catch, thanks for the update. In truth I just skimmed over the shields and their descriptions.
  7. Message sent. I didn't post it on the forums since it came in a magazine I subscribe to.
  8. There is a perfectly legal way to get Kaspersky, YoKenny. There was a promotion recently where they gave out keys for free. If you would like one let me know.
  9. Is WMP reacting properly? When you reset it to Auto, did you manually start it? In the Registration Center... Explorer/IE/OE/shell/WMP Whoops, slow reply. Was watching a good movie.
  10. That event log helps tremendously. That is trying to talk to a service as you mentioned. So let's check these two services: SSDP Discovery Service - set to Manual Universal Plug and Play Device Host - set to Automatic You may also want to run Dial-a-fix. If they needed to be reset, let me know. As for Comodo, it is a pain to try and clean up to get v3 installed and working. You may want to try Revo if you haven't already. Also jv16 PowerTools Reg Cleanup and CCleaner's Issues cleanup helps too.
  11. Norton and superior in the same sentence is more of an oxymoron. The two cannot coexist.
  12. Still a mess with horrible detection rates. But to say something positive... ...it does better than Norton!
  13. On client machines I set auto updates to work silently and suppress reboots.
  14. If you do a minimal install without skinning, that's the GUI you get.
  15. If you're sure you're never going to need a shield you can stop/terminate it. But if you need something from it, customize it so you can lessen what it needs.
  16. I see Power Rangers.... if I recall correctly that's the green megazord or something.
  17. I got mine from TigerDirect, but now NewEgg has better deals. It's the best router I've used.
  18. I agree, YoKenny. That's why I never recommend people use any tweaking programs or anything like nLite/vLite, why they should leave their services alone and so forth. Microsoft made their OS and they obviously know what is best. Those who complain about the bloat of the OS is because they're the same ones who complain about why something doesn't work with the OS from the get-go. So Microsoft packages drivers and other necessities.
  19. I'd still let the ones that you feel you need run. Give me a moment and I'll fire up the VM and install avast. Edit: Okay, I'm going to base this off my usage (if I used an anti-virus), obviously your uses will vary. Instant Messaging - I uncheck all except gaim (which is Pidgin now). So that frees up a lot of checked items and thus you'll see some benefit. Internet (Web based) Email - tend to leave alone, since it covers Gmail, Hotmail, etc. Network - Good if you use a notebook or frequently connect to wireless LANs. P2P - If I ever use anything, it was in the past and it would be uTorrent, so a lot to uncheck there. Just like IM Shield. Standard - I leave alone Web Shield - I leave alone Now if I install this on a clients machine per request, I leave everything at default. But unticking programs you don't use does help.
  20. Tarun.


    Yeah you can delete those. The uninstall may not have gotten them since Autoruns moves unticked programs into a different registry key than when you use MSConfig. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\AutorunsDisabled
  21. Actually if you want to reduce avast's memory usage further, simply go under Custom for each shield and untick what you never use.
  22. Just so everyone knows, it's best to fire an email to the webmaster when these problems occur should they occur more than once. Though I wouldn't continue to try to access the site after that. When you see an IPS Driver Error, an error log is generated with the time, date and more important information to determine the source of the issue.
  23. I know avast and Comodo work fine together, as my friend has it on his Vista machine and it flies. Heck, my VMs where I test these things tend to zoom along.
  24. Tarun.


    So why struggle to clean up the remnants? BitDefender 7, 8 and 9 uninstall tool
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