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  1. When opening an image in paint, this error message appears. "Paint cannot read this file.This is not a valid bitmap, or it's format is not currently supported". JPEG images I have received via e-mail were sent to desktop. for some reason, they open up with no problem. I use AT&T DSL. I like what I saw in that link, I have extra DVD-R disks to copy to. I just have to dig out the O.S. disks (3 of them)and search for the correct file. Do you suggest I copy the entire computer, or just the registry? In case I have not stated it yet in my posts, I really appreciate the assistance and wish to thank each and every one who took the time to reply.
  2. It is a rather reserved state of shock, rest assured. I know the pics are there, something just changed the locks on the door to their rooms. Funny thing , the pics that I received via e-mail then sent to the desktop, view fine in Windows pic & fax viewer. If you read up the thread, you'll see what photo programs I use; nothing out of the ordinary to speak of.
  3. I never learned how to backup the registry, or anything (obviously) for that matter. Kicking myself, now (HARD!). I did restore it back 3 hours, to before I even downloaded the newer version of CCleaner. And yes, there were many restore points for the month of January to choose from. Too bad this does not have an "undo" function, like the System Restore does.
  4. they show a file size and the titles I gave them. The only extra box I checked was the "Prefetch" (the first one in the advanced section). Otherwise, the program ran unaltered, taking 10 minutes just in cleaning the Windows part. The Firefox section did not have much, if anything to clean. It may have happened possibly in the Issues section. There was a page full of issues in mouse print, but after a quick once over there was not nothing that appeared to be anything familiar there, so I let it all go. My guess is it was there, that it happened.
  5. if I recall, I only checked the uppermost box in the advanced section. I get the tiles (icons?), but no thumbnails. When I try to open in either windows pic viewer, PhotoImpressions 5, Mr Photo 3, I get a message saying no preview generated. Windows tells me that the "file is invalid or not supported". There is an addition in my pictures folder, though. It is a new tile created the same time CCleaner was run. It is a "Thumb Data Base File", with a DB extension. The tile has a picture of 2 meshed gears the upper one is green, the lower one is a yellow-orange. does this help, or mean anything?
  6. everything is set to open with Windows picture and fax viewer
  7. I recently ran the newest version of CCleaner. Outside of the fact that it took close to 10 to clean the Windows side (I use Firefox primarily), it seemed to do something to my photos. The photos' size and title info was kept, but I can't get any previews. Error message-file invalid or not supported I did not have this problem with the prior version. Did I lose these forever? I did not have the reg backup switched on, was this where I went wrong? I have (had) over 4 gb worth of memories to try to save. Is this even the right forum to post this on? I have not seen anything quite like this mentioned in any of the forums I'm a newbie here, thanks in advance for any help!
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