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  1. Been worried about the program ever since 5.42: Hell, even since the security issue where somehow someone infiltrated their servers to change the programs to be malware infested. Seems like ever since Piriform joined Avast, they've fast gone downhill. Well, suppose we can be glad this program is designed in a way in which we can add our own filter cleaning rules and not get force updated.. but still, never a good sign when yet another company starts to fall over because they get so big.
  2. Did they just add in-app advertising to the program that's been free from advertising all this time? I can't see a way to see this as not advertising unless it's something like "your AV appears to be disabled" vs "your av sucks, get this one instead".
  3. This is happening yet again. http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download/standard http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download/portable Installer version has a working download, the portable version does not.
  4. My link is the direct link for not 'waiting' for it to automatically start from that link, so of course we used it. I just tried it again and it downloaded, so this was clearly a temporary server issue. Maybe they're doing the same thing as the 'slim' version of old where we have to wait a few days to download it.. but that'd be pretty dumb. Regardless, this should be looked into by the web team.
  5. I haven't been able to download the portable version since 5.30. Visitng the download page just re-directs to the main piriform website after a second. http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download/portable/downloadfile That's what it's trying to link to when it downloads, which redirects to the homepage. I've been forced to just download the installer version and extract the exe files as a workaround.
  6. Like the PC monitor aspect ratio, which I'm still flabbergasted by and salty over. Where's my damn 120Hz 16:10 monitors?! (I currently use a 21:9 because there's no way I was downgrading to 16:9; 99% of websites and programs are still vertical, not to mention the difficulty playing older games which scale perfectly on 16:10 displays.) I like the nod to religion too, but I suspect some fanatics will get upset by it. Oh well.
  7. We are adults. That's why we hate when things change that we're used to, because we're adults and have a hard time changing our ways. We don't like it, we voice our dislike, and get told we're children and to deal with it. If you can adapt to any and all changes when they happen, cool, I envy you; but I can't, nor can a lot of other people I know (and this is especially true the older you get). This is why UI changes should be an option, not forced onto the userbase. FWIW, I still use Vista because I can't stand the UI changes made to 7. It's almost no different from Vista at its core (quite literally SP3 for Vista), but had a needless UI overhaul which alienated the people who actually liked and used Vista; which isn't much because of Vista's storied history and the ignorance of the mass market.
  8. I now have 3 versions of the program on my system in portable form. One is the old, nice segmented look that's visually pleasant, clear and coherent. (v3) The other is the 'white' one that removed clear segments and degraded overall clarity. (v4) The last one is the Windows 8 look. (v5) This is the first program I've ever used on my system that looks exactly like a Windows 8 UI. It's awful and reminded me exactly why I haven't put 8/8.1 on my system and never will. (Same will hold true with Windows 10 until DirectX12 is in mainstream use and they don't backport it to 7.) For the sake of being relatively up to date, I'm sticking with 4.19. While I dislike the changes from v3, it's not a complete overhaul of atrocity like v5. Besides, I can just add my own things to winapp2.ini and the custom file/folder setting. I have zero need of these features that keep getting introduced. Yet another program that's gone rogue in its interface design and forced everyone to deal with it instead of give them options. *sigh*
  9. Posted a thread here: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=37657 The latest version of Recuva added a context menu option when right clicking on the recycle bin. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way to disable this within the program. These are in the ini, but don't affect the context menu. AddBinShellRecovery=0 AddBinShellErase=0 AddOSShellExt=0 As far as I've seen, there's no way to remove this menu aside from manually deleting it in the registry.
  10. The latest version of Recuva added a context menu option when right clicking on the recycle bin. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way to disable this within the program. These are in the ini, but don't affect the context menu. AddBinShellRecovery=0 AddBinShellErase=0 AddOSShellExt=0 Deleting the program (portable version) obviously doesn't remove the context menu and causes an error if I choose that option. Is this an oversight or do I need to actually install the program to remove it? (via uninstalling) Worst case I'll have to manually find it in the registry to remove it.
  11. As of build 2.16.830 the issue is resolved. I cannot seem to edit the topic menu to add "[Resolved]" to the title. If a mod could do so for me, or delete the thread, that would be great. (Not sure how fixed bugs are dealt with.)
  12. Issue still persists in version 2.15.815.
  13. Guess I'm an idiot. I registered to receive updates for the file back in January, I have not read over the thread since. I didn't make the assumption that my answer would be in that thread. Never popped into my mind to re-read otherwise. A mishap for me is quite rare. Anyway, this thread seems to have been multifunctional, which didn't quite follow what I was intending in my original post (just like the other thread I made, how odd). I'll send that PM now.
  14. Not sure where to post this. There are now 2 Adobe Flash Player items listed. One with an asterisk *, and one without. I almost erased all my saved flash game data. *cough* Is there a reason for this addition (and in turn a duplicate listing)? I don't see why the original built in winapp.ini wasn't modified.
  15. Unless that means something else, then the issue is not fixed. This bug was introduced in the previous 2.13.270 version of CCleaner, as per changes below. The issue is due to either one, or both, of these changes. When click-holding on any menu item, be it Cleaner or Registry, whether left or right clicking, CPU usage shoots to 100% for a single core (as CCleaner is not multi threaded). It stays this way until you depress the mouse button. I never reported it when the previous build was released, but seeing as it's not fixed in 2.14.750 (when I assumed the above bugfix corrected it), I am now reporting it.
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