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  1. N.P. my apologies for adding some unintended confusion to the "regisrty messed up" thread (just delete my postings in that thread if you like)
  2. Lets settle this... (plz) I have been reading your posts and i've come to the conclusion that i probably "jumped the gun" my bad sorry.. On the evening that i installed the service pack 5 for Vis. Bas. i also tried "Regseeker". After rebooting my system i looked at a MS welcome screen for ever and ever... and i had to reinstall WinXp, cause i couldn't even boot into Safe Mode. When i read this topic i mistakenly assumed that it was the installation of Vis. Bas. 5 that halted my system but you guys obviously know more bout this stuff than me and proved me wrong... Hope this settles
  3. i was only trying to help improve a highly appreciated piece of freeware sorry if i went about it the wrong way
  4. Solution: fix the link presented by crapcleaner
  5. someone who is trying to help cause he is very happy with CCleaner????? someone who is trying to prevent people of making the same stupid mistake he made i.e. not reading the statement by MS at the bottom of the downloadpage properly (and who is quite surprised by your "friendly" reaction) did you bother to check my statement? you'll find that the link provided by the latest version of CCleaner leads to service pack 5 of Vis. Bas. of which Microsft states (look at the bottom of the page) that it is not for WinXp. xcuse me for pointing out a little typo in an otherwise mangificent
  6. The problem is caused by the fact that the link in Crapcleaner which is presented to you on starting up Crapcleaner with Visual Basic errors is out of date...!! The link in Crapcleaner itself leads to the Service Pack 5 version of Visual Basic this version is NOT Compatible with WinXP !!. PLZ, PLZ PLZ, fix this because installing this service pack 5 will result in the mentioned blue screen and no startup of WinXp!!!
  7. Hi, When starting up CCleaner with the "MSVBVM60.DLL or other Visual Basic related error message" you are are presented with the option to download the Visual Basic 6 Runtimes from Microsoft Take Care: these runtime libraries are the Service Pack 5 libraries of Visual Basic and they are NOT for WinXP SP2. If you are running WinXP you need the Service Pack 6 version of Visual Basic: Visual Basic 6 service pack 6 "I Edited out the statement that this will corrupt your WinXp because that is not true"
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