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  1. Can anyone tell me anything about CCEnhancer? If you have used it, does it work? I am interested to know if anyone noticed any difference with or without it.
  2. Norton is one of two infamous "bloated" system cows. Can you guess the other? I use AVG after experiencing the other two system cows. The one difference that I have noticed is that my system no longer limps like it has been hit by a truck. I have had no trouble with AVG free and it has caught a couple of nasties so I know that it is working
  3. Just adding my two cents, I use gmail..(google mail). I have never had a problem since I started using it, and I do NOT have to download anything to my system.
  4. I completely agree with you on this advoce. To anyone, even experienced users, ALWAYS back up your reg files before making any changes. It is a simple enough thing to do, and it will save you alot of heartache in the long run. As far as recovering file assc., the only suggestion I would have is to perform a "restore to last known good" boot option. Combing thru a reg is like trying to untangle wet spaghetti, you get one piece straight, then something else sticks together. I must admit, I always keep a fresh back up on hand whenever I go into my reg. And yes....I have used my back ups many times.
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