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  1. I am no more informed on that then you are, I can just ban spam, other than that I'm just a normal piriform user like or unlike yourself Edit: that said, the slim is redundant imho. The portable can be unzipped on top of existing installs, and can be coverted to non-portable easily. As well, there's a pro version which allows piriform to pay bills but not enough to warrant a free un-hobbled awesome set of programs without some sort of payment-based system. google pays the bills...do you?


    Some reading this elsewhere are getting a mixed signal if the Slim version is soon to be pulled from the CCleaner family of software. This probably should be clarified as many run the free Slim version without having to jump through hoops to get the build.


    If you're asking if costs like web hosting and staff are motive or justification to pull CCleaner Slim out of the line-up, that's something you folks have to arrive at and make a statement. 



  2. Hello,


    There are some avid users of CCleaner that find the delay in the release of the slim version a bit confusing.


    What is the official Pirirorm position on this, please.


    I was told in an earlier thread that extracting from the portable build would be sufficient to obtain the slim build,

    however, once a user does this under Windows, the uninstaller seems to get skewed in a way.


    What I mean to say of this is that the listed application under Add | Remove Programs does not jive with the actual

    installed version as extracting the executable from the portable build to a previosly installed slim build complicates the issue.

  3. Keep us posted since many will not run the full build for fear of Google Toolbars and other third party annoyances.


    I started to link you to Snap Files or MajorGeeks, they did have it, but today they are mirroring the full version.

    Maybe Piri has temporarily withdrawn it. Try again later. :)

  4. These rogue infections are multiplying faster than cockroaches in a Bronx tenement and are becoming so virulent that the only recovery is running FDISK to remove the infected MBR on the hard drive then re-installing the operating system and restoring non-infected backups. :blink:
    I became infested on this new box shortly after taking delivery. Without hesitation, I formatted and re-installed the O/S.

    Why fuss for days not knowing if something has written to your MBR or whatever.

    Back-up on a regular basis, good to have a secondary drive, as well.

  5. If you have other security measures installed on your box, the WOT IE plug-in isn't that good of an idea.

    I checked with several MS MVP's, they have test-driven the plug-in, some hate it, some uninstalled it.

    My .02 cents.

  6. The MVPS HOSTS file was recently updated [August-06-2008]



    Download: hosts.zip (161 kb)



    How To: Download and Extract the HOSTS file



    HOSTS File - Frequently Asked Questions



    Note: the "text" version makes a great resource

    for determining possible culprits ... (702 kb)



    Sign up for HOSTS file update notices



    Visit the Hosts News blog


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