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  1. My thanks goes out to all who replied to my video problem... After following all the advice given here with no success, I approached a computer guru at my place of work who has a bigger and better machine than mine with the same MPC player and gave him my .ts file to take home and it worked as expected... Contrast was a little dark but definitely watchable... His recomendation was to get newer equipment with good video card... Thanks again for all your help.
  2. Sorry, I should have included the version I had which is MPC version I also downloaded klite codec pack version 3.45 which is supposed to be the cure all for this player but the shadowing is still there... I'm beginning to wonder if it could be my video card...
  3. I just downloaded MPC and playing back a .ts file from my flash stick I get good audio but video has a lot of colorful shadowing... Any settings I should know about or is it my computer video card need placing. ( Getting Old )
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