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  1. It could cause problems with other software, as they tend to write to the empty folders, backups, logs, and so on. Seems like a reasonable idea, but not good for Windows, or other programs.




    Yes, possible, but a feature who can list(to choose(check) the good folder to delete) and offer the possibility of delete them, can be useful no ? :rolleyes:

    (and i don't know no any other software who offer this feature .. :unsure: )


    I think its not a good idea for a french interface, because most of the people speaks english, and an other reason is: I do not like Chirac. :P


    regards Hans (Dutch citizen)




    Lol, ok, and if the French language is add, other languages will have to be add .. :P

  2. Hi,


    I've discovered CCleaner, and liked this very good software ;)

    But I think an essential feature is missing, and not foundable in other software(i think) : the empty directory listing and deleting :unsure:


    What do you think about my idea ?


    (why not a french interface for the forum ? :P )

    Thank in avance ;)

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