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  1. I agree...or even get rid of the drive-map completely as windows has one by default.
  2. Very true, but be aware of Auslogics's "fake"-reports...I remember using it a while ago. After defragmentation ( using Auslogics ) i went into Windows'es own Defragmentation screen and to my supprise noticed that there was still a bit of "Un-defragmented" files on the disk...that was reported as "fixed" by Auslogics
  3. PS: Ive decided to revert back to the "old" version where everything you needed is right there... I would think THIS version has more to do with "fancyness" than anything else ( no offence ), where as the elder was straight forward.
  4. I had a look at your updated beta version 1.02.078 and noticed you added a feature where you can see the disk-space. Is it possable to have a "settings" section on the tool bar where a person can disable this? Reason for asking is, i preffered the previous versions where it was straight forward. When you defragged, you could see the amount of file-space left as it defrags, where as in this build, it seems gone
  5. Ok I understand that part, but there was this issue where it actually picked up 2 folders as ZERO bytes and didnt want to defrag it...When i went into the folder with win explorer, it DID had files in it that def wasnt ZERO in size...lol Like I said before...With Beta 50 I had no such probs. I'll skip Beta 64 and wait for a later version...
  6. Hi all. I have noticed something between Beta 50 and Beta 64 of Defraggler. In beta 64 i get a "Some files cant be defragmented", where as in Beta 50 I have no such problem. I have noticed it especially in the System folder ( it will read the folder as ZERO bytes, where as Beta 50 will defrag it with no problems, or dont even pick-it-up as being faulty ).
  7. 1) A right-click option in Windows Explorer's Tree to defrag certain sections...ie folder or file; 2) When within Defraggler itself, an option to click ( double-click ) on any block ( specificly the RED one's ) to see which file doesnt want to be defragged, is "unmovable" or simply fragmented
  8. Robin Hood


    Just want to say thanks to the guys who wrote this little gem...Ask about Defraggers??...I used them all!!!...Out of the whole bunch ( shareware included ) I think this one is the best...Its small, reliable and FAST! I work with quite a bit of PC's and its unbelievable how the "respond" time of PC's are after just using the normal "Defrag" button on a drive...Thanks guys ( This is one for the Toolbox )
  9. Uh?..Ive never seen Defraggler after right-clicking on a drive...Am i missing something here?
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