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  1. I notice the original poster had version 2.03 and htome said a fix was due for the next release. I have version 2.04 but the problem still exists. I'm not trying to catch the developers out because this is an excellent product, but I just want to make sure this bug hasn't been missed. This is causing a lot more problems than just IE printing. If you are running in protected mode, which is the dfault in vista, then you are going to have cookies, history and temporary internet files in here that you may not want to be deleted. More importantly (for me :-)) you are not given the option to exclude the cookies in the low\cookie folder.
  2. I was trying to work out why my MY YAHOO cookie (or at least it meant I had to keep signing in after running CCleaner) was always deleted no matter what I read about the issue on these forums and no matter what options I chose. I've now noticed that regardless of whether or not you tick COOKIES, CCleaner still empties the C:\users\username\appdate\local\temp\low\cookies folder. I've now added this folder to my excluded list so it doesn't keep wiping out my MY YAHOO login details but it also means I don't clear out the rest of the cookies in there which are probably good to go. Also, if you go to the options page and click on cookies it obviously doesn't look in this folder to present you with a list of cookies to be excluded. Could it be the developers of CCleaner just didn't realise that in protected mode, Vista stores cookies in this folder or am I missing something here? Has it CCleaner been made Vista compatible?
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