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  1. Yes, you're right, I should and I will. I use this machine almost exclusively for audio recording and SP2 hasn't played as well with some audio programs that utilize ASIO drivers and VST plugins, etc. I suppose I am just stubbornly resistant to forced submission. But, alas, I am once again forced into my rightful, lowly place as end user-consumer by the mega MIcrosoft monster. Sorry for the banter --- I WAS able to coax CCleaner into loading properly again on my system. --Not sure how, but it is and I will ask no futher questions. By the way, for what it's worth I am happy with CCleaner. It's a great little program! Thanks for the response.
  2. I've had CCleaner running on my machine for a while and never had any difficulties. I attempted to move the program from my C: drive to another drive and now cannot get it to run. I have completely uninstalled the program, cleaned out leftover registry entries, redownloaded the program from the internet and still it won't load. It always hangs up when it reaches the "Registering: K:\UTILS\CCleaner\CCSystem.dll" point. Any suggestions? I am running Windows XP Home SP1 Thanks in advance
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