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  1. since defraggler is kind of a background defrag program it would be nice if we had a "Minimize to system tray" option like CCleaner has
  2. don't know if this is a bug or if it's built in the program itself, but sometimes when i hit "analyze" it just starts over and over agian, taking forever to complete... witch can be preety annoying, so i was wandering if u guys would like 2 take a closer look at this probl and either fix it in a future relase or just post a way to avoid this, or whatever files may be causing it to enter this cycle. now even if it is part of the program, psichologicaly speeking, it's more annoying to se it start all over again than to have it run slower, and take all the time it needs.. thanks, Garrett
  3. another suggestion would be to show the file being defragged on the bar situated at the bottom of the screen.... and an all time favorite, and performance must have, pagefile (be it offline or not) defrag thanks yours trully, Garrett Edit: also moderators it would be great if u could please make this topic pined so that everyone could post their sugestions or feature reqsts in one place
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