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  1. Or stick defraggler on a boot disc (UBCD4Win has Defraggler included), boot from that, then defrag your main drive. UBCD4Win is best tossed on a USB drive if you can boot from USB, 'cos the CD/DVD takes forever to load with all the seek operations.
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    Forum Moving

    Almost smooth Your Defraggler website... http://www.defraggler.com/ ...'s link to the Forum... http://forum.piriform.com/defraggler ... is broken. The same applies to the Recuva site, actually. CCleaner seems to be okay though
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    not enough space?

    yeah searching forums (not just the Piriform ones) can be a mess sometimes when the search terms are difficult to narrow down Didn't find this thread at first either %) Awesome - thanks for the status update
  4. ZeBoxx

    not enough space?

    Same here as well. OS: Windows XP SP3 Patches / Hotfixes: All of them + a bunch of Office 2003 ones. Defraggler: v1.08.132 Volume: NTFS - I don't think compression is enabled on it. I can also confirm that just defragmenting files does work. Just needed to defragment the drive before making an image of the system
  5. just pointing you to the existing thread: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=21022
  6. well, more importantly, the difference between disabling and cleaning is that disabling is 'forever' (until switched back on) and not retroactive. Personally, I do *like* having thumbnails for the files in folders I'm working with, and I like that it doesn't have to re-generate those each time I visit the folder. However, once I'm done working with such a folder, that Thumbs.db file serves no further purpose and can be deleted. Basically, it should be perfectly possible, technologically, to find all Thumbs.db files -over- a certain age (i.e. hasn't been modified in N days), and delete only those. It's what I currently do manually with Total Commander, but if this were integrated in an already excellent tool - hey, I'm all for it.
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