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  1. Hi I would like to know: 1/Did any of you had any positive experience upgrading ff from 2 to 3? 2/Do I have to delete the existing version or I overwrite? Thanks Eli
  2. Hi Please advice if possible to delete the following processes from the start up list: 1.NvCplDaemon RUNDLL32.EXE C:/WINDOWS/system32/NvCpl.dll,NvStartup 2. SkyTel SkyTel.EXE 3. NyMediaCenter RUNDAL32.EXE C:/WINDOWS/system32/NyMcTray.dll,NyTaskdarInit I know what these processes are, I just don't know if it is OK for these not to start up with windows and it is not quite clear from sources I have checked. I want to drop programs I do not need in the background, and that way to shorten boot time, by unticking these from start up. I know these processes are essential but possibly be activated manually when needed, this is what I want to check up. Thanks EP
  3. Hi Did any of you got to use the "system protect" program ? Any feed backs? Thanks EP
  4. Hi Hazelnut, do you use the free version? EP
  5. Thank you all, Ithink I`ll try online armor. EP
  6. Hi Any recommendation for a good firewall? : 1.Not intrusive 2. Not heavy on the system 3.Better than Win. xp pro firewall. Thanks EP
  7. Thank you YoKenny I`ve got the Q-Dir program,out of this link, and it is absolutely fabulous. Regards EP
  8. Hi Before you think about disabling this service,I suggest you look here: http://www.theeldergeek.com/indexing_service.htm But then, from the other hand you`ve got this : http://smallvoid.com/article/winnt-services-cisvc.html Now, take your pick...... Regards Eli
  9. Hi Some of you will find it very interesting, enjoy ! : http://lifehacker.com/5033518/debunking-co...-tweaking-myths Regards Eli
  10. HI Thank you for your very thorough reply. I forgot to post it ,but last week I was surfing sandboxed and guess what?...avast gave me the awakening with it`s siren..., it detected a virus and didn't let in the sandbox just as you described in your test ,the only difference was that this virus was for real! Regards Eli
  11. Eli

    Ultimate defrag

    Hi I wish to know if any of you had good experience with Ultimate defrag program . For those who use it, is it safe to let it work on: auto mode\optimum ? Thanks
  12. Hi I shall make myself clearer : My antivirus is avast, being the fact that it works off the browser, the question is if the antivirus is able to get in to the virtual environment to do it`s job .The question comes from the looking at the antivirus , as a second defence line in case the sandbox fails to delete all the "goodies". Thanks EP
  13. HI I have began working with the sandboxie program. Question: Does the AV still work under this virtual environment? or maybe it works but no need for it there, only outside of the sandbox ? Thanks EP
  14. Thank you again. EP
  15. Hi Thank you for your reply. The 40 MB is when it is not running, only the tea timer is. If my default browser is FireFox ,you think is there something to disable ? I do not need all the IE related protections ,except on rare occasions that sites are not well fetched by FF. Thanks EP
  16. Any idea why spybot s.s uses about 40mb Ram even though it does not have an online shield, only an inmunizer(like spyware`s blaster inmunizer that is not in the background)? Thanks EP
  17. Hi Tarum The Internet Email provider does not scan web based mail !!! it does however scan incoming and outgoing e-mail messages processed by clients other than MS Outlook or Exchange, such as Outlook Express, Eudora etc. Regards EP
  18. Tank you for the nice little program, I have something similar but works only with the internet browser. Now I can work with it off the net. Best wishes EP
  19. Hi Anthony You have full control of the shield settings in the simple interface(free version) +you can turn on/off any shield. All easily configured following the help file or intuitively. Good luck Eli
  20. I did the same as well, a few days ago. I got fed up with AVg mixed up messages regarding 7.5 free edition product support. So...I moved over to avast 4.8, still studying the product . EP
  21. Well Andavary, they actually have a windows look alike interface ,see below at: http://www.avast.com/eng/skins.html Eli
  22. Hi Corona You have got lots of skins to choose from, I`m sure one of these will suit you, if this is your only problem regarding this product. Eli
  23. Hi Somehow I do not seem to get satisfying good answers from Avast forum(I guess I got used to the extraordinary good answers I get here in this forum.... ) I`ll try my luck here: In the web shield settings, exceptions in mime types to exclude:audio, image gif ,image/png,txt/css,video all the above as I understand ,are there by default. Does this mean all files from this kind will not be scanned? It is not clear why this exceptions are there to begin with, and what happens if I delete these ones ?Will it slow the system down because of the extra scanning? 3.What additional function adds the high sensitivity web shield to the normal? Does the high sensitivity slow down the computer or causes system extra load ? Thanking you in advance EP
  24. Hi Davey Thank you for the revo uninstaller link I stumbled upon in this thread. It looks like a nice little useful program with good reviews at Cnet. I have downloaded it and going to use it soon. Regards Eli
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