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  1. Hello Derik891, Thanks for the reply. I'll be on the lookout for a "fixed" release.
  2. Speccy V 122 0r v123 does not seem to be operating correctly with my AMD 4500m APU. It seems to be driving my system temp far over the max temp for this APU which is 100c. I have to reboot my system in order to get the temps back down before I burn it up. I am also running the popular Core Temp program & before I launch Speccy it reports temps somewhere between 45c & 65c under my normal day to day computing. Running Win 8/4gb memory Any one have any suggestions,,, besides not running Speccy at all Thanks Jim
  3. It appears to me that, although I do not have the recent MRU check marked to delete that they are being deleted anyway. I am Running Vista & MS Office 2007. In MS Word, just for example, there are files listed in the "Most recently used" list box. I go run CCleaner and now there not there anymore. Refer to the attached screen shot. The screen shot also shows the version# of CCleaner I am currently running in case you need it. Am I missing something here???
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