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  1. Two things: 1) By end of life, I don't mean they are going to stop updating it. I mean they are going to stop updating/adding new rules. I would have expected them to gradually add all those community winapp2.ini entries into CCleaner. From the year that just passed, it appears they have no such plan. Adding new features like a software updater is not really what I am looking for from Ccleaner. I could be the only one of course. Those monthly updates you speak of, have mostly not been of benefit to the end consumer. Rebranding, making updates mandatory, adding telemetary etc.
  2. So I have been using CCleaner for a long time and looking through all the changelogs I have to ask has CCleaner run out of ideas. I ask because I thought that the number of programs added would increase and increase and increase. It appears that very few new programs are added. I don't know when the last new program was actually added to the clean up list. I have seen updates to say internet explorer cleaning, but a new program? Not for ages. The recent addition of software updater feels like something that has just been imported from Avast. Just as a recap, here are the release notes for
  3. Two things for me. 1) Is it possible to a see sample data report, of the sort of information Ccleaner is collecting. I would love to believe companies when they say it is the bare minimum, but if you remember what happened with Windows 10. First it was its the bare minimum to make everyone's computers better. Then the French Regulators got involved, and somehow, magically, Microsoft managed to reduce that data collection by half. I wonder why. So although some items are listed in the privacy policy, I am not sure that this is the full gist. By the way, when you say data i
  4. Given that your now owned by a massive security company, Avast, are you going to release a tool that detects and removes the infection? That way any user of your software, can do a really quick check to see if you have accidentally infected them and get it removed. Or if disinfection is not possible, then at least a tool to check if you are infected, so that way users can attempt to wind back to a previous state of Windows.
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