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  1. Zone Alarm found a trojan in CCleaner. Hi, i have also had exactly the same trojan flagged up by Z A Pro. I downloaded CCleaner from file Hippo about a week ago and have run it 3/4 times. Z A Pro and CCleaner are both the latest versions. Upon deleting the trojan i then noticed that the CCleaner icon had just disappeared from the desktop screen, so decided to check this forum for any info about the problem before i reinstall CCleaner again. Since the original download of of CCleaner a week ago i have probably run the Z A pro scanner (full scan) a dozen or so times before it flagged the trojan up today.
  2. I came across this recommended program whilst on the mischel internet security website (Trojan Hunter). It was described as the best available file explorer on the market, bar none, for looking into every nook & cranny and process running on your pc. It`s by Mark Russinovich who seems to be some big knob at microsoft. The link takes you to a site, where there`s a lengthy video and several links for people to work out how to use it and what it does. Unfortunately as i`m a newbie dummy i certainly won`t be using it for a while, but i`m sure you techies out there will absolutely love it. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-gb/sysinte...s/bb896653.aspx
  3. Hi everyone, i`m a newbie & a dummy. I was introduced to CC by Trojan Hunter which i`ve just purchased. I personally do not want to spend ages reading through a manual before i use software. It is far too much for newbies to take in, in one go. Often you end up more confused than when you first started. I much prefer if all the naughty bits are turned off by default, then i can start looking and learning about the other features as and when i want to, without ending up with a duff pc. If i have a problem (pc wise)then the only way i can get it resolved is by other users online. Most people who start using pc`s have to go through a learning curve of making stupid errors & cockups, not because they`re in a hurry to use the software, but because they really don`t understand the instructions and all the new terms and processes they have to take in in one go. All of my security software i have purchased, because it has been the only way i can get effective software that is very easy to understand & use. My first ever purchase when i got online 9mths ago was Bit Defender, which i promptly uninstalled an hour later before i had a mental breakdown. Today one of the most important things i look for before i download any software, is the feedback left by other users. Today, because i have had the time spare, i`ve read all through the forum in relation to CC. For this reason i`ve decided not to download the latest version of it, but go for the one that long term users of CC are reverting back to, for the time being. Having read through the forum, when i got to the first post under this heading, by ANTHONY A, i initially thought that this person has a serious attitude problem with regard to newbies, and totally agreed with what HAZEL had said in her post about his view. One of the interesting things i like about forums, is that everyone has their own personal view about things.
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