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  1. oh firefox 3 can't come soon enough .. its so much better than 2 in every way .. much faster.. beta 5 was just released , try it :]
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    this thread has been great!! thank you all .. i found this handy freeware app the other day , clone maxx .. it makes an identical copy of a hard drive onto another drive regardless of file system or OS .. i booted it off a CD and cloned our server onto another hard drive and after tested it and it booted the server no problem exactly like the other drive. the free version has a few limitations but the only one i noticed was it wouldn't let me clone to a drive of the same size , i had to clone a 20 gig onto a 40 gig drive , worked fine tho. http://www.pcinspector.de/Sites/clone_maxx....htm?Language=1 enjoy :]
  3. if you want to actually test the new firefox don't download the beta builds .. get the nightlies .. its called Minefield .. its just a code name for firefox .. http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?t=630644 these are the most up to date builds and have automatic updates everyday .. the beta versions are for developers .. edit: you can install Minefield and still use fx2 ..
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    ya a few of my clients use Incredimail .. i hate it .. to much noise and colour and crap .. use Thunderbird .. www.mozilla.com.
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