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  1. My videocard has broken down. I now need to install a new videocard but am uncertain whether the following videocard will be sufficient for my computer. I have a computer that is about 6 years old, runs on WinXP, has Asus V8420 Geforce 4 Ti4200 Deluxe, Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz 533 MHz. I can get a the following videocard for just a few euro: Geforce 4 MX480 64mb, diamond Viper V330 AGP, Nvidia Vanta 16 - Ms8830, videocard s3 trio64 v2/dx. Would these videocards work for my computer? (I don't run sophisticated graphical software). If not, how can I see whether a videocard is appropriate for my pc? Which one would you recommend?
  2. Someone suggested it might be that file names might be too long. Could this indeed be causing the problems? How could I test if this is causing the problems (there are over 1000 files)?
  3. I have problem with a flashdrive: Samsung "MightyDrive" 4GB. Using chkdsk /f produced the following errors: "Removing trailing folder entries from ..." "Removing nonvalid long folder entry from ... " "... is cross-linked on allocation unit ..." "... invalid time stamp" In addition, there were files with strange characters, which together were over 10GB while the flashdrive is only 4GB. Having fixed the prblems with chkdsk, I again ran chkdsk and new problems were there. I can keep doing this and new problems keep popping up. Therefore, I formatted the flashdrive and ran chkdsk. All problems were gone. I copied files from my harddrive to the flashdrive and again ran chkdsk. The problems were back. I also ran chkdsk on the harddrive, but there were no problems with the harddrive. I've also tried the above (formatting the flashdrive) for a second time, with the same result. With chkdsk /r there don't seem to be any bad sectors. Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be? (the flashsdrive is less than a year old) Thanks in advance!
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