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  1. my guess on this would be that the console version defrags the whole drive including free space... that is something that will take a lot longer then just defragging the fragmented files like the gui version does if i'm wrong someone please correct me... IMO the command line version needs some more options... like don't defrag free space! lol
  2. i was just using v2.03.whatever... can't seem to locatea CCleaner.ini file.. i'll try the portable version (i see 2.04 is out now) thanks guys
  3. Hey all I have deployed CCleaner across multiple systems, i was under the impression that CCleaner stored the options you select in one of the .ini files in the same directory as the executable. However I have discovered this isn't the case, to deploy CCleaner i copied all the CCleaner files into a directory, ran CCleaner and selected all the options i wanted. I then rar'd the folder and created a self extracting executable and deployed it out to my PC's. That was fine, but after running it from one of the PC's i noticed that all the selections were wrong (not the same as what i selected on my pc). My idea is to schedule it to run using the /auto switch... but i can't do that on the default settings as it clears out stuff i don't want to clean. Where are the settings stored? Thanks
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