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  1. no other sites too but i think it's when they're running agent such as java applets and such
  2. Well when i try opening let's say for example yahoo game page and select a web based game i click on the link the page seems to be uploading and then for no apparent reason it crashes and disapears! I don't get an error message, it just crashes and the web page closes itself. I`ve also run other spyware and no critical viruses were found...
  3. Hi there! I hope i'll get some help with this. I'm running IE version 6.00.2900.2180 and can't open certain web pages. IE crashes with no ''Error Messages''. I did all the microsoft updates and run AD-Aware and also have Norton Anti-Virus running on my pc and didn't detect any critical viruses. I downloaded FireFox and see if i could view certain web pages with this different web browser and it still crashes! I can't find any solution to my problem... Really need your help!
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