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  1. Once upon a time when playing around in Windows Explorer, I was delighted to discover that placing my mouse over a file brought up a small, neat, yellow box that told me valuable things about the file: the file name, size, the date it was created, last opened and changed. It was later that I noticed the same little box appeared when the mouse was placed over desktop icons. This morning, however, the desktop icons and/or anything in the system tray pops up a big yellow box with big black bold text. Garish. Ugly. It offends my artistic sensibilities and I would like to return to the small unobtrusive version. Can anyone tell me how?



  2. Every day, at least twice, Microsoft Automatic Updates announces it wants to download Security Update for Microsoft XML Core Services 4.0 Service Pack 2 (KB936181). I Click the Download button. It starts the install, I even watch the progress bar. When it is through it announces the installation is complete. But sometime later in the day, it goes through the same process again. Can anyone shed some light?


    I have Windows XP Service Pack 2.



  3. It is not known at this point in time how long Lavasoft will provide support for manual updates of SE.



    I've used Ad-Aware SE for years. I found this notice on their web page when I went there to update: Lavasoft will not issue new Definitions File updates or provide technical support after December 31, 2007 for Ad-Aware SE."


    With the exception of two tracking cookies, this product has not found anything on my computer for months. So after I updated, I started looking elsewhere and downloaded AVG Anti Spyware which immediately found loads of tracking cookies including Downloader.Agent.hym. I have to wonder if Ad-Aware was doing anything besides making the computer whir a little.

  4. I see a lot of people with various issues and I am curious as to how they happen. I have used CCleaner for 3 years, have run it on both my computers (xp and vista), as well as many friends and families computers (i recommend it as one of the key "must have" pieces of software) and have NEVER had a single issue with it. Nadda, nothing.


    It has always cleaned what it is supposed to, and has never messed up my systems. That includes the registry.


    Having said that, I have used several other "registry" or "cleaning" products and HAVE HAD TERRIBLE problems.


    If CCleaner ever becomes a paid for software product I will continue to use it (after purchase) and never switch to another product of this type. It just works too good.



    I'm curious too. That is why I joined and visit the forum. That's they way forums are. If you have a problem, you post it and hope someone will help. If I can find out how my problems happen I can avoid them in the future. I don't doubt CCleaner's value. Tech's tell you to download it, if you take your computer to them, they download it without even asking you, magazines recommend it, all the download sites suggest it and users give it nothing but praise. I've had it for three years too and have no intention of unloading it, but for three years I've had the same problem. I think it must be something in my system but I haven't a clue what.

  5. so... no explanation as to why CCleaner's registry cleaner is STILL finding all my file extensions as "un-used" and wants me to remove them?


    Problem is not limited to Vista users, I have the same issue with my XP SP2 system. CCleaner always lists file extensions to be removed from applications that I use most frequently. This version does it and so did the previous one. The explanation of what "UNUSED" means, given in a response to a post by Oldboy, Feb 4, 2006, only confirms, for me, that it isn't recognized as a bug. I don't have an explanation but I am watching this post because I hope you soon get one soon. In the meantime, I will stick with the only resolution I know, NEVER remove them.

  6. If you are stupid enough to do that with any program you deserve what you get. I make sure I have read all help files and any other info I can get on any program before I even install it. I definitely know what it can do before I use it. The help file that is available on line from this forum is very helpful and explains what CCleaner does and all of it's options. There really is no excuse for being lazy.


    One of the reasons new users press buttons without knowing what will happen is that they've read what a wonderful program this and/or many others is/are. There are rave reviews all over the internet w/oodles of folks saying how safe it is and that they "run it automatically every day". So they download it, install, and press buttons. It is human nature, especially in this day and age to expect instant results. Most of us will skip reading manuals if at all possible. I agree that it is a problem that the manual is online. Unfortunately, more and more applications are using this method. I despise interrupting my work to connect to the internet just to get an answer to a simple question.


    Anthony A, I think you are wise but in the minority if you read a whole manual before using an application. Calling someone stupid and lazy who has a problem, whether or not it is of their own making, will not encourage them to post a question in this forum and isn't that the whole purpose?

  7. I found this forum while trying to determine whether it would be safe to remove an MUI Cache from my system. CCleaner regularly lists file extensions that belong w/applications that I use daily--certainly not "UNUSED". Since I can't remember every extension on my computer, I'm afraid to remove any of them. How can I know if an MUI Cache, in this case one that shows the Data field as: C:\DOCUME~1\OWNER\LOCALS~1\Temp\is-PDMJA.tmp\is-DUI4E.tmp, is safe to delete? Windows Explorer crashes more than once a day and the report to Microsoft always shows something in C:\DOCUME~1\OWNER\LOCALS~1\Temp\. Maybe this is causing my problems. Also if anyone knows why CCleaner would erroneously report file extensions as unused, please Help Help.


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