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  1. For a "one man band" there sure is a lot of output.The guy must be an "over achiever" genius.

    Never saw such long, flooded with data web pages before this!!!

    I knew we were in trouble when all I could find was three references to TreePad on Wikipedia. One of those references was about the requested removal of a TreePad wiki. The guy probably had it removed himself. Nothing but "glowing" reports about TreePad all over the net.

    Japan and India big time into TreePad. The guy apparently cranks it out faster than the users can absorb it all.

    It's like the guy invented the whole field himself. And all the competitors have finally had time to come up with knock-offs of the original concept.

    I figured Hazel might have better chances of finding something.

    I was going to suggest maybe an alternative product may serve you better in the long run.

    Good luck,

    :) davey

    P.S. Hazel, :wub: you always come through with something good !!! Serendipitously, just the thing I need. Disktective downloaded and executed in about 1 minute with all the info I need !!! You can add me to that list of satisfied users. :D


    Looks like I didn't do the quote thing right. I was trying to respond only to your comment: "I was going to suggest maybe an alternative product may serve you better in the long run."


    Don't misunderstand my original post. There is NOTHING wrong with the application. I'm not very computer savvy but I am an expert on PIMS. I've tried them all. I own no less than eight (I think that is about right). NOTHING beats this one. All their products are excellent and stable. Notice that I did not even complain much about not getting an answer from support and this is generally the thing that most irritates me. Don't be reluctant to use their products, they don't require support. My question to them had to do with a compatibility issue caused by another program. I am pleased to have brought the company to your attention.


    How does Hazelnut find all those websites??

  2. Thank You Davey and Hazelnut! Though you didn't seem to think so, you gave me some great information and led me to useful websites.


    I knew that uninstalling/reinstalling the other applications would probably be necessary. It wasn't only laziness that prevented me. I am 99% sure what the problem program is but that problem is more complicated and I will post another thread regarding same.


    Thanks again.

  3. I am using your product CCleaner.I am happy and hats-off to you.I would like to suggest you a new software-"Registry Booster".I had use Registry Booster2 and it was such a nice software.You should Release such software.Hope you will work on it.

    I would like to suggest you find yourself a very nice backup program :)

  4. After I installed a couple of other programs my TreepadX Enterprise program began crashing. I don't think the problem is with Treepad but I did not get an answer from support regarding possible conflicts w/other applications and I have been looking for their forum. I know they have one because, when I was searching for a PIM, I came across it but was blocked from accessing it. Now--I can't find it anywhere. Yes, I googled. Anyone know the url?



  5. Ok woody theres no reason to call be stupid or maybe ur just trying to build up your numbers of post idk dude i dont think your cool but like i was sayin most people that are not good with compters and are looking for a cleaning program they dont want toolbars! and its checked my default it should not be checked is what im sayin! but u guys think im stupid then whatever im just sayin! SORRY!





    PS: Can someone please tell me why its even on there. google toolbar is better atleast!


    I'm with you, Mikey Pooh! It should NOT be checked by default. Those who want it installed should have to go to the trouble of ticking it. CCleaner has long enjoyed a good reputation. Praises for it can be found all over the internet. TRUSTING, not "stupid" people might not be looking for anything less than sterling behavior from a download of the program. INEXPERIENCED folks often just agree to anything that appears. Being called stupid on a forum is inexcusable. What can we expect next? A pop-up whenever someone accidentally installs the toolbar saying "Gotcha! Stupid!"?


    Have a good day, all.

  6. Hi Writeaway,


    I found the solution on the website of a Belgian magazine. Since I assume you don't speak Dutch, I'll try to explain in English here.


    First of all, since I don't know how familiar you are with the concept of the registry, I'd like to remind you that messing with it could be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. You should make sure you always make a backup first!


    Open REGEDIT (from command line). Find the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER, SOFTWARE, MICROSOFT, WINDOWS, SHELLNOROAM. If you open the key SHELLNOROAM, you should find (among others) the subkeys BAGMRU and BAGS. Remove those.


    Now reboot Windows and restart REGEDIT. Right-click SHELLNOROAM and shoose new --> DWORD-value. Give the new value the name BagMRU Size. Then doubleclick it and set the value to 1000 (decimal). Create the same DWORD-value in SHELL (which you should find right above SHELLNOROAM).


    I hope this helps! It did for me.






    Correct. No Dutch. Thank you so much for taking the trouble to reply. I do understand about the registry. This doesn't seem too complicated for me. I will give it a try right now.


    For Hazelnut: No, windows size/location cache not ticked.

  7. I have the same problem but have not been able to fix it, even temporarily. The only instructions I found online told me how to get the files sorted correctly in Windows Explorer but that did not fix the dialog boxes. I would really appreciate it if you could tell me where you found the information. In the meantime, I will not use CCleaner until I find the solution they give you in this thread.

  8. There are some files listed as unused that I still have programs that use them. (Ex, I have 7 Zip, it notices .7z files, I have Project 64, it notices N64 and Z64 files, It notices sff files, I need those for MUGEN.) So before I get rid of these entries, I would like to know how this will affect my ussage of these files.


    I have asked the same question. I still don't know the answer. CCleaner shows file extensions as unused for programs I use every day. My advice is, don't allow CCleaner to remove them. It WILL remove your file associations. On my XP system, all the listed file associations were removed. If I opt to choose a program from the list, the Folder Options applet is opened and, since the association has been removed, I have to browse the system trying to find the application I want. A pretty tedious process just to open a file. Then, in my case, the file may or may not open. I had to manually re-associate all the file extensions but I still can't get my icons back.

  9. When I have un-installed an anti-spyware application it has asked if I want to delete the quarantined items and I have always replied Yes.




    I'll leave the remaining questions to someone with additional experience.



    Thanks,YoKenny, for taking the trouble to answer what you could. It is a great help to know I can safely uninstall the programs when I am ready without worrying about re-infecting myself!

  10. Thanks for all the input. I guess Avira wins the popular vote.


    I do know that it doesn't provide email protection but AVG's email scanning left a lot to be desired. Several times I checked with a credit card company to see if they had sent me a specific message. They each asked me to forward the message to them, but AVG blocked the email I tried to send saying the messages contained phishing viruses. So- where was the caution when it came to me? Maybe I just don't understand the email protection at all.


    Thanks again.

  11. Yesterday I used the System Configuration Utility to untick a program in the Startup menu. This a.m. I was greeted by this message popup:


    You have used the System Configuration Utility to make changes to the way Windows starts.


    The System Configuration Utility is currently in Diagnostic or Selective Startup mode, causing this message to be displayed and the Utility to run every time Windows starts.


    Choose the Normal Startup mode on the General tab to start Windows normally and undo the changes you made using the system Configuration Utility.



    The whole system is extremely slow online, though only a little sluggish offline. It took forever to get my questions posted on the forum.


    If I follow the directions and select the Normal Startup option, will all the services that I have painstakingly turned off over time start running on startup again? Or will it just load the one application it changed? Or will something else happen?


    Could I restore the registry from a few days ago instead? And, if I do that, will the tracking cookies I finally got rid of by setting them to be deleted at start-up reappear?


    Another question I have is: What is the utility used for, if not to make changes? Is it just to look at? What good is it then?


    HP Pavilion - Pentium® 4CPU

    160GB HDD 512 MB RAM

    Windows XP SP2 Home


    P.S. Yes, I know I have way too many questions today. I promise I am through now though.

  12. I recently was unable to find some important (to me) files on my computer. I won't bore you further with my sad search story. Suffice it to say, I was still searching the next day. I started looking for a program that would search for text in files (yes, I know Windows Explorer is supposed to do that too, but if you've ever tried it . . .). I found one but it was no more successful than the search function in my Keybreeze application. I have since realized the reason. These programs do not search through PIM files. Which finally brings me to my question: Does anyone know of one that will, or are all of them geared to search only word processors and Microsoft applications?

  13. Because of AVG's trend, I am thinking of changing to either Avast or AntiVir. Which offers better protection? Or, what else would you recommend?


    How difficult is it to uninstall AVG?



    HP Pavilion - Pentium® 4CPU

    160GB HDD 512 MB RAM

    Windows XP SP2 Home

  14. It is my understanding that it is unwise to run more than one anti-virus application on the same computer but it's OK to use a plethora of anti-spyware programs. Following that logic, I have used AVG Free solely for anti-virus along with AVG Anti-Rootkit and Ad-aware. When it became obvious Ad-aware was doomed, I downloaded AVG Anti-Spyware which promptly found Downloader.Agent.hym and it has since quarantined Downloader.Iframe.u and Not-A-virus.Hoax.Win32.goldFake.d. From what I read on AVG's site and on this forum, their Anti-Spyware program will soon be a thing of the past unless you want to upgrade to version 8. I have to wonder now how long that will last.


    My questions are:


    If I uninstall AVG Anti-Spyware or any spyware program for that matter, what happens to the quarantined buggies? Are they loose again or will they remain in quarantine somewhere on my system?


    Is there some way I can just delete them? Shred them? Maybe, mark them for deletion on start-up?


    It makes sense to me that when I am online, it would be advantageous to have anti-spyware providing real-time protection, but when I am offline, I don't want anything interfering or taking up precious time and memory. Which, if any, spyware programs will just wait around quietly until I am ready to make use of them?


    I once downloaded Spybot Search and Destroy, but Teatimer got installed at the same time. I uninstalled the program but teatimer did not uninstall completely so I don't know if re-installing SS&D again would start teatimer up. Would it?


    Thanks for any answers or suggestions.


    HP Pavilion - Pentium® 4CPU

    160GB HDD 512 MB RAM

    Windows XP SP2 Home

  15. The hijacking must be something that happens randomly. I've had it happen twice, but not recently.


    Re: AVG Forum: I am unable to use it. I get a message that tells me an account already exists for my email address. So I request a new password. They send me one. Then we repeat the whole process - over and over and over. There is no way to contact them to get help to straighten out the problem. I found one post on their site from someone who had the same problem but the administrator stated the problem had been "solved".

  16. I think 'Offline' would be the status for a file or shortcut to a file on a network share that is disconnected. Not really much info on this, but my files show up as 'Online' too.


    Thanks for bothering to answer. At least I know it is probably the norm instead of part of my problem.

  17. First, thanks. I discovered this site from one of your posts. I downloaded this app but haven't installed it yet. The reason I've waited is that after reading posts from some of the users and/or regular visitors to the site, it seems these programs are not free after all. Information on the site assures you that it is but other folks say differently. What is your take?

  18. I already know this is a stupid question but I really want to know, so the only way to find out is to ask, right?


    In Windows Explorer I use the Details View for most folders. When I select STATUS as one of the details I want to display, it shows the status as Online for every file. I don't understand what that means exactly. When I use the little question mark for more information, the pop up says: Indicates whether the file is available for offline access. My logic, twisted though it may be, tells me it should read: Offline instead of Online.


    Explanation, anyone? I am having problems with Explorer and looking for answers. Anything you can tell my might help.




    Windows XP SP 2 Home

  19. Temp safe to clean if it not new, like update don't clean till reboot & run, the new software best to keep for one day. try untick on CCleaner 48hour's & see if that work's. :mellow:


    These Temp files date as far back as 09/07 so CCleaner has not deleted them in all this time. What I am trying to find out is why. I have nothing ticked for 48 hours, couldn't even find such a thing. I am using version 2.01.

  20. I ran CCleaner to Analyze Temporary Files. It came up with something like 99 MB of Temp files. I opened Explorer and went to Documents and Settings > Owner > Local Settings > Temp where there was/is over 600 files plus 11 folders. I deleted a few of the files that had .tmp extensions. Then I ran CCleaner just like I did before. This time it came up with 0 bytes to be removed. I shut it down, opened it and ran it again. Same result, yet there are still 622 objects (88.7 MB) in my Temp folder.


    Question #1: What is it that CCleaner analyzes or cleans when System, Temporary Files is ticked?


    Question #2: Lots of the files have .xml file extensions. Is it safe to delete them?




    System: Win XP, SP2


    P.S. Yes. I posted this question before but got no response so decided to try a different Topic Title.

  21. I ran CCleaner to Analyze only Temporary Files. It came up with something like 99 MB of Temp files. I opened Explorer and went to Documents and Settings > Owner > Local Settings > Temp where there was/is over 600 files plus 11 folders. I deleted a few of the files that had .tmp extensions. Then I ran CCleaner just like I did before. This time it came up with 0 bytes to be removed. I shut it down, opened it and ran it again. Same result, yet there are still 622 objects (88.7 MB) in my Temp folder.


    Question #1: What is it that CCleaner analyzes or cleans when System, Temporary Files is ticked?


    Question #2: Lots of the files have .xml file extensions. Is it safe to delete them?




    System: Win XP, SP2

  22. Since there is no iconcache.db file on my XP SP2 system, I tried the Tweak UI method suggested by Andavari, even going to the trouble to download the @%*! thing. The result is that I have now lost every Icon in my system for every application I have. I can't even create new desktop icons because they are gone.


    I tried using my registry backup hoping it would restore them but no such luck. Any more wonderful ideas? Any place I can go on the web to find help?

  23. I know exactly what Hari123 is talking about. The same thing happened to me and it bothers me a great deal. I'm not entirely sure the cause is CCleaner but the first time I noticed it was right after I ran CCleaner. I've tried to find a way to prevent it happening but there is no option available. In my system it affects all the icons in Windows Explorer too. There, it isn't the exe files, it is the individual ones. In the start menu it is the exes 'cause that's all that's there. The only icons that survive is Microsoft's, Corel's, Adobe, and CCleaner's.


    I checked out the Article at softwaretipsandtricks but like a lot of other folks, I can't find the XP Icon Cache. It isn't where the article states and running a search of my C drive turns up nothing. So - maybe that isn't the problem after all? Or, maybe you can tell me how to find it?



    XP SP2

    512 MB Ram

    Pentium Processor

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