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    Lost my Quicken

    Well yea I would certainly uncheck *every* program box prior to using it again. I do think that perhaps the beginners guide should indicate that you might actually lose documents and/or your quicken checkbook. Luckily that is all I use quicken for but if I had used it for more than that I would be in a world of hurt. Franklly I'm pretty upset about losing the information.
  2. Kandi

    Lost my Quicken

    I used CCleaner for the first time the other day. I actually read the beginners guide which states in effect that it is suggested to leave everything in the default mode. Well I did that and now I have to reconstruct my Quicken checkbook (yea, yea...I know I should have had a a backup!!) And yes I do know that it was CCleaner as I have not run anything else nor have I downloaded anything else during that time frame. I like the idea of CCleaner but at this point there is no way that I could recommend it to anyone nor will I use it again. I'll just keep cleaning the old fashioned way!
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