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  1. I believe it is the Windows Updates, too. I use Vista 32bit. I know that it is not malware. When I opened the CP, it would be blank. No errors. I have not tried in Safe Mode. It is fixed now. I just do not update any longer =/ I am almost thinking of starting fresh again. I wouldn't mind it and I could use a fresh start anyway Tell me if there is any other better ideas please! Thanks!!!
  2. Honestly, I do not actually know if it is CCleaner. Here is the story: Ok. I like keeping my system up to date with Windows. I always download the latest updates to keep my system clean. A week ago, I had 9 new updates. I thought this was a lot more and unusual, but I installed them anyway. It did the restart and configure process and eventually led to a message saying some thing like "The updates were not configured correctly." It reverted the changes and restarted. After that, I could not open the Control Panel. I could also not open some other Windows features. I contacted Windo
  3. Hi. With the latest CCleaner build, I cannot open the Control Panel. I had not known what had caused it, and a Restore Point backup had fixed the issue. What could be the cause of this? Thank you. EDIT: I have Vista 32bit.
  4. actually that was on my mind to do next. i booted into safe mode (BTW i have to use F5. F8 gives me Advanced BIOS Settings) and then the icons were there and i was able to uninstall flawlessly. no issues. so i'm going to give CCleaner a re-install and see if the problem persists. thanks.
  5. i can't run the uninstall file. EVERY CCleaner file is bugged out. i can't access anything or do anything. i only use this account with my computer. it is an admin and i installed using this one. i've tried reinstalling. it says "can't opon uninst.exe to write files". And i click retry but it doesnt work. so i ignored it and installed everything i could and it still is broken. and i dont have a "Run" button because i use firefox.
  6. yea. it worked perfectly when i used first. then after a cpl days it like ate itself or something did something to it. (i cant even run CCleaner, uninstall CCleaner, or delete the files of CCleaner) nice to see someone else with this problem! BTW : notification for posts is broken here. (atleast for me)
  7. Where is the support here?? No one can help this person?? CCleaner seems to be SWAMPED the so many friggen bugs!!! What's wrong?!?!
  8. yes. sorry, the email notification didnt work. let me reenable nvm....says i was alrdy getting notifiction... o well
  9. I installed CCleaner to clean my TEMP files and other things. I installed and ran it once, and then 2 days after that run, the 1. CCleaner logo on the program shortcut disappears. 2. I also forgot to delete the setup exe I downloaded to install CCleaner. I tried deleting it when I noticed it was still there, it wouldn't budge. Said "Access Denied" or Some error. 3. try to run or open CCleaner - Access Denied. 4. Tried uninstalling - access denied 5. tried going to add & remove programs and uninstalling - access denied is there a spyware or something in it? cause i had it for
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