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  1. Deniron

    Router issue

    My router has 4 ports, d-link EBR-2310. If I plug in our Mac computer to one of the ports, the other 2 Windows XP computers get really slow loading internet pages & we get error messages like, "cannot locate address", "connection timeout" , sometimes will freeze the screens. The Mac computer does not have any issues only the PC computers. Any advice? Than you, Ron Potapchuk Or, why would browsing the internet become so slow after we added a third computer to the router? Thanks. Does anyone think I might need a switch? Thanks Ron
  2. Hello again: It doesn't seem like anyone is interested in the HijackThis log that I sent to the other forum, so, I'm still open to suggestions on how to delete or get rid of the popups that continually show up, like the one I used above. Anyone have any ideas? Thank you Ron
  3. Thank you Hazelnut. I have done exactly what you have recommended eg: HiJackThis & I posted in the correct forum.
  4. No matter what I try, anytime I use the IE browser I get a Windows Security Centre Alert popup. I have tried to turn off the Firewall, still same. It seem that the Pop up is embedded somewhere? I am using Windows Professional XP. The alert is as below: Can anyone assist me? Thank you Ron Spyware: a malware that transmits to third parties your confidential data (email, passwords, credit card number...) on the Internet. Try a revolutionary solution: SWS AntiSpyware 2007 is an efficient tool that fights against malwares and that has been designed for the Windows platform. Anti-Spyware neutralizes spyware Anti-Trojan deletes Trojans Anti-Adware eliminates adware Anti-popup gets rid of all pop-ups Security alert SPAM, ad pop-ups, LOSS OF SPEED, bugs, crashes? Spyware has probably invaded your computer and is slowing it down! Your anti-virus does not protect your computer against this kind of threat. If you do not install an anti-spyware now, Windows is going to be stopped to prevent all damage to your computer. Click here to download for free SWS AntiSpyware 2007 to repair your pc.
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