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  1. Hello folks, I'm selling my old laptop on the bay and I want' to wipe the free space of the C:. I've tried a couple of times but Recuva deep scan always finds almost 200,00 recoverable files. I used it on the D: partition and it wiped that fine. Any ideas? Thanks
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    Not finding files

    Hello all, I have installed Recuva and I have found that it doesn't seem to work correctly. It says it has found 2596 files when the searching box is running but then it only displays 27, it says at the bottom that it has found 27 and ignored 0 . I don't have anything in the search box. I tried testing it by creating a file and deleting it then emptying the recycle bin but when I scan it doesn't find that file. Am I doing anytihng wrong? Cheers Phil
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