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  1. I am XP. I just went through the process again and once saved as a .reg file type, when prompted to "fix issues" I get "unused file extension" and the solution is to "delete the registry value". I have since renamed my original adding the .reg extension and now have the option to merge. Keep in mind I am having no problems and am not trying to merge my old registry. I just like to be safe and look at things once saved to make sure everything looks ok. But that "unused file extension" and the solution is to "delete the registry value" has me puzzled. Thanks for the help. ERS
  2. Downloaded CCleaner and used the registry cleaner. When prompted to backup, I did so, renaming the file to something I could easily remember. Saved and proceeded with cleaner. However, afterwards when I checked for the backup, I right clicked on the file and "merge" is not an option. The file that I saved is not listed as a "registry entry", but is just listed as a "file" under file type. What happened ? I have not encountered any problems and have rebooted to no problems also. I have even double checked and went back through another registry cleaner and when prompted to back up, to verify that the file type being saved is a "reg" file, and it is. Help for future usage of CCleaner. Thanks. ERS
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