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  1. There is a startup folder on your start menu. Drag items you wish to auto launch back to the startup menu. Or, reinstall the program so that it adds itself back.
  2. I checked the new start menu shortcut removal in CCleaner on my win XP Pro with 512 mb ram, 120 gig disk. Worked good for removing the shortcuts inside of a folder that no longer point to a valid program, but then leave that empty folder behind. Which would be nice if it could remove those empty folders, not just dead links to program on the start menu. The only one CCleaner really needs not to remove is the startup folder, which I think is the same name across all the versions of windows. Perhaps include an exception to exclude the startup folder, and delete all the other empty folders on the start menu? Thanks!
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    Yes, but sometimes C-Cleaner lists .mp3 & other extentions as "unused". Running XP Pro, 512 mb ram, 120 gig hard disk, ati radeon graphics.... Yes, this is AFTER a reboot!
  4. Get a small harddisk for your OS! Format that drive you use now with an external harddisk enclosure & then wipe it with that heidi eraser program. Or, incinerate it, give it an acid bath, weld it to a lump, run over it with a train, sledge hammer it senseless, drill holes in the platters.... Use proper protection when following these extreme measures!
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    Thanks Mr G! I call you the genious. For the masses, you bring simple, easy, pc cleanup. Much better than that MS stuff!
  6. Sure: Turn off Vista UAC 1. Launch MSCONFIG by from the Run menu. 2. Click on the Tools tab. Scroll down till you find "Disable UAP" (this should probably change to UAC in next Vista beta builds and in the RTM version). Click on that line. 3. Press the Launch button. 4. A CMD window will open. When the command is done, you can close the window. 5. Close MSCONFIG. You need to reboot the computer for changes to apply.
  7. The new C-Cleaner with where it shows the sections it cleans is all snazzy & tight. Seems to run faster & more reliably as well. My only suggestions now for C-Cleaner is to group all things under 3 tabs: Applications, Internet, Windows This way, say, all installed apps it cleans will show up under applications. All internet browsers like firefox, safari, opera, ie, will show up under Internet tab. All windows files like temp directories, clipboard, etc, will be under Windows. Users could be allowed to select all windows trash, all internet trash, or all application trash. This would be very nice, since the user could easily clean all web tracks in 1 go, or all windows, etc etc. *Final thoughts are, perhaps add a couple additional tools to reset the hosts file, remove BHO files, or clean off installed right click menu items that get 10 miles long. I check-markable list like all the other things would be nice, nice, nice. And if it had functionality similar to hijack this so you could truly remove reg entries on startup that malware adds, I know it does startup entries, but I had a computer today that hijack this helped me fix. A virtuamonde variant that would not go away. Kept adding itself back. Killing it with Hijack this worked great, then I could remove it for good. Can C-Cleaner get the hard to kill start-up entries that hijack this can? Please? Thanks! Any less tools to run is always well, nicer!
  8. Don't get me wrong, Recuva is well designed, easy to use, simple. But on a laptop recently, that had windows installed over a pre-existing windows install (repair install), Recuva found 0 recoverable files!. http://www.handyrecovery.com/ that program found & was able to recover from 50% to 80% of the files I was wanting to recover off the drive. What gives? Why did Recuva find 0 & that program found it all? Thanks!
  9. - Add reset internet settings (malware can change settings) - Add backup/restore under each browser listed (easily restore settings to a new pc) + bookmarks/fav - Add wipe freespace, cluster tips, file slack (for really scrubbing a drive being donated/include options for # of passes) - Add clean broken shortcuts (less trash, more space) - Add clean system restore points (takes lots of space/could include option for keeping last 3 or so) - Add clean swap file (for cleansing before donating a drive) - Add clean hosts file (malware sometimes hijacks settings, rendering access to websites dead) - Add clean BHO files (some are malicious, can change settings, cause redirects) - Add locked file remover (drag & drop files to be deleted on reboot/some are locked malwares) - Add full registry backup/restore (handy for emergencies) - Add auto backup of changes to registry (in program folder with CCleaner/avoids problems) - Add auto save option of any changes to registery cause by any program to CCleaner folder (easily find where a program hid their entries so you can remove it later) - Add silent update option (users won't have to do this manually) - Add scheduler (set CCleaner to run certain days of the week, or times) - Add memory cleaner (why not? CCleaner already cleans the pc, why not memory too? this will avoid out of memory errors on low mem systems, & extend the time required before reboot. CCleaner will always have a use this way! CCleaner would automatically send to tray/option can be changed?) These are a list of features & cleanup items that I would really like to see in CCleaner. I think this covers every known major cleanup area that CCleaner is missing. At least, all I can think of. What do you think?
  10. Ok, not much info is given on whether people are running reg cleaning functions or just CCleaner itself. Here is the lowdown: CCleaner itself does not cause computer problems that I know of. Startup items cannot cause a computer to fail to boot, although it may cause you to lose, say, access to a printer, scanner, whatever. But a computer can boot with 0 startup items. Startup items are simply there to allow you to run things after windows loads IN ADDITION to windows itself, such as a scanner or printer program. What CAN cause a computer to fail to start is: Running CCleaner's registry tool. That is probably the most unsafe part of CCleaner, although usually if you untick the top 2 entries before running it, you have no probs. CCleaner itself is generally safe & only cleans where you tell it. But if you use the reg cleaner function, or if you get into a "clean it all" attitude and use msconfig or another tool to remove not only startup, but device drivers etc etc, or if you got malware, viruses, OR if you install an update such as service pack 2 (Do you have auto update turned ON?) Recommended updates turned off. Right click my computer, properties, check the turn updates off button under automatic updates tab. Updates, using reg cleaning, or removing services & other things from startup is what causes the most of these problems. Service pack 2 & other updates can contain drivers that conflict with hardware on your system causing it NOT to load. I had a laptop bluescreen me when service pack 2 was applied due to a driver conflict in what it installed. UPDATES ARE DANGEROUS on some systems, & also slow your pc all to hell. If you have auto updates on, it may have downloaded and applied it before you rebooted, so you saw the problem AFTER booting up. (Startup items & BHO are totally safe to remove, but just may cause certain features or programs not to work or load like normal)
  11. The attached screenshot will show how CCleaner would look if I could have it the way I wanted it. You can see that Defragment (Defraggler) & Undelete (Recuva) would be part of CCleaner now available as tabs. In addition, under automatic cleaning, it could be divided into Applications, Internet, & Windows. Under Applications, ALL apps would be listed, while ALL Internet browsers would be under the Internet tab, while Windows would have all the system areas listed that it cleans. ________________________________________________________________________________ A few additional things that could be added under the Automatic Cleaning however are: Under the Internet tab & under Internet Explorer, add the option to reset all IE settings back to default. This is really helpful if a PC has a hijacked homepage & they just need it quickly restored. Conversely, under each web browser, they need the option added to be able to backup/restore settings for each browser, such as Favorites or Bookmarks, etc. This will really speed things up for people who simply need to transfer settings from 1 pc to another. Under the Windows tab & Advanced, add Wipe Free Space, Wipe Slack File Space, Wipe Cluster Tips options. This will allow a user to simply zero out a drive using only CCleaner. In addition, the option to checkmark how many passes would be nice as well. Perhaps include a warning tip that using this every time is not recommended, IE, hard disk wear or long time in cleaning. Suggest the user only use this when destroying a drive before making it available to others to use. Under the Windows tab & System, add the options to clean broken shortcuts, clear the hosts file, clear system restore points, & clean the swap file. These are 4 key & often overlooked areas. With the option to reset the hosts file back to default, you can get rid of the problem that occurs when malware plays dirty with redirects in your system hosts file. This can clean it & set it back to default, or overwrite it with a clean one. System restore points can take many gigs, so the option to remove all restore points, or select to keep only the last 3, for example, will allow you to remove many gigs of wasted space. ________________________________________________________________________________ Under Manual Cleaning would be listed all apps that require user intervention such as: Browser Helper Objects - This is listed because this is overlooked and is easy to clean in that they ONLY occur in 1 place on a system, so the ability to select which ones to remove would definitely be a Godsend. Context Menu's - These pesky things clutter nearly every kind of menu on your pc & the ability to select which ones to delete would be great. Startup Items - These boogers are already in CCleaner, but if tabbed like in the included diagram, would need to be added to the maual clean tab to leave room for the Defragment & Undelete buttons it replaces. The option to highlight all or select which ones with the keyboard & mouse & use the del key to delete them instead of 1 by 1 would be excellent. Locked Files - Sometimes, you have files in use that you cannot seem to delete. Having the option to drag & drop any files you want to be deleted on reboot would be wonderful. Uninstall - That is fine like it is, but it would need to be added to the Manual Cleaning tab as well, seeing that Defragment & Undelete replace those buttons as well. ________________________________________________________________________________ Registry cleaning tab could go right beside the manual tab so they can easily run the scan whenever. Could use a registry backup & restore function. In addition, would be nice if it didn't ask you if you wanted to back up the reg, but would, by default, create a copy in CCleaner's program folder under Daily Registry Backups. As you would need a separate folder called Full Registry Backups for the complete backup portion. But there should be a checkmarkable option to NOT create any backups for those who dislike it. ________________________________________________________________________________ CCleaner should have a checkmarkable option to run in the system tray, to clean system memory - It could have the options to select how much percentage wise, or size wise to clean, & how much to consider low before starting the cleanup. This will really benefit users, especially win98 users & up to allow them keep using the pc longer before rebooting since many apps have memory leaks & do not return it happily back to the pool. Updates should have an option to auto download & apply CCleaner updates silently. CCleaner should have the option to schedule, just like antivirus programs, what day or days or the week (or times) to clean automatically. ________________________________________________________________________________ I have put a lot of time & effort into these comments, & would really appreciate your responses to this. Please let me know what you think.
  12. Had a wonderful thought today. Why not combine CCleaner, Defraggler, & Recuva all into 1 product? This way, whether you need to delete, undelete, or defrag, you got it ALL covered in 1 tidy package. Why use 3 separate programs, if you can get it all done with 1? They are all 3 fine programs, so I feel sure they will work nicely together. Nothing out there would be able to compete!
  13. Recently, I noticed while cleaning the recycle bin from one harddisk, & I monitored the disk space before & after, in addition to what CCleaner reported was removed, I was horrified to discover that CCleaner reported only 2.3 gigs, or to be precise, 2,377.3 mb deleted while disk space indicators showed there was FIFTEEN gigs removed. A second harddisk with a recycle bin from that drive, removed over 5 gigs while CCleaner only showed 1.8 gigs removed. Granted, the trash it removed was trash, & it was in the recycle bin, but I could NOT believe that CCleaner could get the reported amount off by so much. In fact, in the first figure, CCleaner was off by 7 TIMES as much as had actually been removed. There is a really huge difference between 15 gigs actually removed and reported only 2.3 gb. I love CCleaner, & I hope this is fixed SOON! Thank you! Concerned CCleaner user... P.S. I am sure you can easily verify this if you have to, copy a few dvd's to your drive, then recycle the files. Watch what happens? P.P.S. My system is a Win XP Pro with 512 mb ram, 120 gb harddisk, ati all in wonder graphics, 1,700 mhz system. Free disk space is over 70% so there should be no trouble on system specs or free space. CCleaner version is 2.03.532
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