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  1. Doesn't find deleted files from desktop. What it says. I put an excel file on the desktop of a Win XP-SP2 system, used it and then deleted it from the desktop with the shift key. Recuva didn't find it for recovery. I was using an older version of Recuva and switched to the latest version. No Change. Is there something about the desktop which makes recovery impossible? Swamiji
  2. Installing the latest CCleaner installed the yahoo toolbar in the background, without asking permission! This is hardly impressive, given the fair amount of work needed to remove all traces of it from the computer afterwards. Is this now company policy? If so, I guess i will stick to older versions of CCleaner or drop it altogether. Most free software I am aware of, that has an arrangement with people like Yahoo, gives one the option to NOT install their toolbar. I personally object to certain software producers trying to hijack part of my display real estate. I am using windows 2k
  3. I am currently using Defraggler Beta version 1.0.23 in Windows 2000 SP4. I have experienced no problems, but since the current Beta is 1.0.44 I am wondering if I should upgrade. If it works, don't fix it; has been my motto for many years. However, are you guys depending on users staying up to date and reporting bugs? Also, is there any way you could signal on page one, what the various versions of the program are, along with the changes/improvement made are? That way, maybe I can figure if I need to upgrade. Thanks. Swamij Background: 40+ years of programming..'nuff sa
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