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  1. , Interesting terminology, have you worked in the protocol department of the Royal Household? Yes I got out the heavy artillery (Eraser) and managed to "gouge" it out, except for one file, "Rich Video" which is allegedly shared with another app. And it was no small job either, took an hour! I just used task manager to end the process and deleted that last remnant. It will be interesting to see what doesn't work anymore. I think this is where I live happily ever after.
  2. Boy this post seems to have caused a lot of confusion, for which I will have to take the blame. So I shall try to clarify. The sequence of events began with the installation of a thing called a KWorld DVD Maker USB 2.0, which was supposed to connect the computer to a VCR. The plan was to copy VHS tapes to the computer, and make DVDs. The KWorld installed a USB Driver, a 2860 device driver to give it its full title. It also came with 2 apps for video editing, both from CyberLink, PowerProducer 4 and PowerDirector 5. The driver is listed in Add/Remove, but I was unable to remove it. The 2 C
  3. Well yes, ... but the initial post also said: So I thought it was clear that was part of the problem, I suppose I could have been clearer.Revo, and I, cannot remove the driver from Add/Remove, and the CyberLink programs (the video editing ones referred to in the first post) were only ever on the Start menu, the dropdown had an "Uninstall" option, which did not work. These things never appeared in Add/Remove. So I never had the option of using Add/Remove to remove them. I hope that is clearer.
  4. Yes I have already returned the hardware, and happy to see the back of it. Especially after seeing a review of a similar device which gave it one star out of five. My problem is the persistent software. The original request for advice was whether, if I removed the files from Program Files, would CCleaner remove the remnants from the registry? I am vary wary of meddling with the registry.
  5. Thanks Icedrake, I have tried Revo also. Even in the Hunter mode it would not delete from the Start menu. Thanks for the suggestion though. These apps (watch out for CyberLink) seem to be mighty resistant/persistent! I may try deleting them from Program Files and see if CCLeaner will remove the remnants from the registry... damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!
  6. Thanks Mike, The Windows Uninstall utility only picked up stuff on the Start menu, I have already deleted those entries.
  7. I recently tried and decided against a piece of hardware. It was an device to connect a VCR to the computer and came with drivers and Video editing software. All the driver did was install an icon in the notification area, and the video editing software crashed every time I tried to open it. I returned the whole lot to the shop. The problem I am experiencing is that the driver appears in Add/Remove, but I can't delete it. The editing software did appear only under All Programs on the Start menu, with an option of Uninstall, which did not work. It has been suggested to me that I remove the
  8. Hi Davey, Thanks for the information, I had a partial success, one of 3 backups gave an error message and My Music has not changed. It may do after a restart which is not convenient right now The programs seem handy additions, I like the auto registry backup. The names are weird sounding, don't exactly roll off the tongue but what is in a name? What I really wish I had done is use Acronis to backup the drive, would have to be on DVD RW and I am days away from the $ for new HDD where there will be an Acronis partition to avoid DVD RW, and to rescue me from something like this, he who procras
  9. The behaviour of the My Music folder has changed recently. Previously I selected a sub folder, clicked on "play selection" and I was listening to music. This is no longer the case, and for a short period the folder thought it was My Pictures. Running a string rundll32 mydocs.dll,PerUserInit sorted this one out but it appears I am missing a desktop.ini file. I think this lives in registry but not sure, this is pushing the enevelope for me. I know that CCleaner would only have deleted a registry entry if it was already faulty, so I am not blaming here. I do have my last 3 backups, would restorin
  10. After numerous failed attempts to download with FDM I cancelled it and Firefox downloded Defraggler without a care in the world. I am rather pleased that this turns out not to be a Piriform problem, reinforces my high opinion. I will let FDM know as that is also better than what it replaced.
  11. I am using CC 2.03.532, and very impressed. One thing I am unable to figure out is how to remove cookies. I get to the Options part of the cleaning, choose what to keep and what to delete, and then I don't see how I actually remove them. I know the answer is probably staring me in the face, a case of not seeing the wood for the trees perhaps? Suggestions?
  12. Hi everyone, Happy New Year. I too am having problems downloading Defraggler. I am using Free Download Manager, having consigned Get Right to the dustbin of history. I have specified a download location and hit the start button. On the first attempt I got to 25% and then download was stopped, that was all the pop up bubble said. I have let FDM know about this problem and they asked what the log said. Nothing for any download I replied. I have made a number of subsequent attempts and each time FDM says there is already a partial download from this URL, would I like to resume? I click yes an
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