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  1. I'm wondering if perhaps we will end up needing different versions for different operating systems. Could be my paranoia, but it seems to me some of these problems were introduced during the period of making this rascal more 'Vista compatible.' Hope I'm wrong, but for now, V1.38 does everything I want and need, with the exception of secure file name erasing...
  2. Interesting that someone else is having a problem with secure deletion. It at least runs for me in the last two versions, but compared to 1.38 they are ohhhhh-sooooo-slow. Whatever was done to 'enhance' secure deletion in 1.39 and later sure slowed it considerably. TOO much to be worthwhile, IMHO. If only CCleaner would have the option to erase file tips (instead of the entire file) during single pass deletion, I have no doubt that execution speed would not be an issue. Better still, add 'file tip erasure only' to the list of options under secure deletion. Thanks for listening.
  3. Has anyone else noticed that the last two releases of CCleaner run much slower (all settings being equal) than V138.485 ? I'm running the portable version with Secure Deletion with 1 pass Simple overwrite and there is a huge difference in 'time to execute' between 138 and the newer versions, including the latest V140. Sticking with V138 until V2 is released. Praying it will run as briskly as V138. :-)
  4. THANK YOU, TwistedMetal. Your explanation helps immensely. Wish I had known this before. Without this knowledge, it was easy for users to 'assume' that many of the things being written and suggested here simply didn't warrant changing or improving. Thanks again !
  5. I also tested this latest version and I must agree. Seems to run MUCH slower than the last version and 'securely deleted' file names are indeed still visible with a good undelete application. Will file names ever be overwritten by CCleaner in the future ? I agree it would be a great improvement. One other thing to consider to speed up 'secure deletion' would be to simply overwrite the first and last 2kb of a file. This renders the file 'virtually' unrecoverable, but makes erasing super fast. Keep up the great work on this great product !
  6. I'm running the Portable version also, and on Win 98SE. It runs like a charm. Download the latest version, 1.38.485, from here: http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=5707 (unless you made a typo - you are not running the latest version), and be sure 'Save all settings to INI file' is checked under Options/Advanced.
  7. The latest version, 1.38.485, will destroy content, but again as in the last version, not file names when Secure Deletion is selected. In addition, and perhaps this is normal behavior (but I doubt it), in order to get Temporary Internet Files SECURELY deleted, I must UN-tick Temporary Internet Files under Internet Explorer (that option deletes the temporary internet folders, as well) and insert my Temporary internet folder names under Options/Custom in order to get the files erased. Again, even though the content is destroyed using this method, the file names remain. Seems to me that normal behavior would be that ticking Temporary Internet Files in the main window should accomplish this, but indeed the files are recoverable unless I follow the method described above. Would really like to see file names destroyed, as well as content. Not sure if this shows up under XP - I'm running FAT32. Thanks for listening.
  8. Of course the ability to delete all (*.*) or selected, (e.g. *.bak) files in a specified folder is there now, but I concur that the ability to add sub-folders to the argument in winapp2.ini would be nice.
  9. Sorry I missed that - much appreciated. Fantastic addition. My only hope is that the wipe feature erases file names as well as content. Currently CCleaner does not. Content cannot be (easily) recovered, but file names remain in tact even after erasing them. Hopefully this will be remedied in the soon to be released version... Thanks ! !
  10. Tried the new skin for several days - definitely prefer the old one. Agree with the person who said the new one is too light and bright....
  11. It would be fantastic if, after searching for deleted files, users had the option to either recover these files, leave them 'as is', OR WIPE them clean, including file names, for security reasons.
  12. To expand a bit on my previous post - I use an undelete utility to identify all deleted filenames before using CCleaner. My HD is completely free of recoverable files. Then I open IE just to populate the Temporary Internet folders. Close IE and run CCleaner. It destroys the temporary internet files, as well as the folders, but when I run my undelete utility again - there are all the file names I just 'erased.' Indeed the contents are not recoverable, but the filenames are totally intact.
  13. Sorry to have to tell you this, but this version of 'Portable' is not nearly as 'clean' as the last version - 1.36.430. For openers, it is dependent on folder name - e.g. CCleaner.exe must reside in a sub-folder (CCleaner) of CCleanerPortable. This is not the case in the last version. Portable.exe could reside in the CCleaner folder itself. Secondly, is it absolutely necessary to write all of those registry entries, then delete them on exit? Would be more desireable if you did not have to touch the registry at all. Thanks for listening.
  14. I also found a bug in this new version. It still does not destroy the file names of erased files. The files are destroyed after running CCleaner, but the file names still exist and untouched. This may be happening only on FAT32 systems. Options I have 'checked' are 'secure file deletion / simple overwrite (1 pass)' and I do not have 'Only delete files in Windows Temp folder older then 48 hours' checked. CCleaner indeed destroys the contents of the Temporary Internet files (as it always has), but it still leaves the overwritten files' names intact.
  15. Re: File name wiping... I have tested the latest version for the past couple of hours, and it is still not wiping file names of wiped files - at least not in FAT32. May work great on NTFS, but I see virtually no difference in FAT. Thought you would want to know. Don't think I am missiing the obvious in settings.
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