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  1. Flushing the DNS didn't seem to work, Humpty. Any more suggestions? Hazelnut - I read right down the bottom of that page, but the question seems to relate to something slightly different and more specific than my issue. It did lead me to try looking at a few other things, mainly computer management>services and applications - I remember after I did the CClean, all of my applications were reset to manual, so I had to switch a lot of them back to what they should be and thought I might have missed one, but I really can't find any service that may be related to non www pages. Unfortunately I'm still stuck, but I'm appreciating all the replies, they're giving me extra things to try. I've searched the Microsoft help pages, but can't find anything at all so if there are any more suggestions you guys can give, I'll be happy to try them.
  2. Hello, Thanks for the help so far. Okay, it's too late to save my cookies, I know it was probably unwise, but I did a full CClean and cleaned up all of my system sans backup. Everything on my system is working fine except these damn, non www, internet sites. I've checked my hosts file and it's a standard Windows Host file, I've not added any extra components in there at all. I also did a search in the regeditor and there was no reference to del.ecio.us in there either. I'm really struggling here, I have no idea at all what is wrong. To be honest, I thought the hosts file or the registry suggestions might have solved it, but they haven't, unfortunately. If anyone has any other suggestions, then I'd be glad to hear them. All the best for 2008! Basil
  3. Ever since running a full CClean I've been getting the following error message every time I try to access http://del.icio.us/home or any other site that does not have a "www" prefix I've done a few searches for said error message and they've all told me it's the proxies, but I've tried numerous settings to no avail. The only thing I can thing of is perhaps CCleaner has changed a setting somewhere that allows me to access non www sites. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this may have happened and how I can correct it? Thanks in advance.
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