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  1. thanks for the advice guys, but nothing worked and nothing really helped... pc wouldnt start in safe mode, wouldnt give system restore, no options... so eventually called an it repair engineer out, and he tried his best, but in the end we backed up my files to an external using some special windows boot cd, and then wiped the hard drive and started afresh reinstalling everything including windows. from this experience, i'm never using CCleaner again and never recommending it. most software available now doesn't require you to read through the fine print/ manuals to figure out how to use them. if ccleaners advanced custom options wipe out important system files, then there should be a massive warning dialog box popping up stating the possible system failure since the advanced custom files are ticked, and asking you if you'd like to proceed wiping out important system files. using it cost me the price of calling out the engineer, and loads of stress. windows was installed properly on my computer, files were in default locations.
  2. I just downloaded and installed CCleaner on my desktop, changed the default settings, selected everything (thought i'd give my pc a thorough cleaning), and now it doesn't start(get to windows). Windows login and user interface errors are shown while booting up, same effect when trying to restore from last known config, or safe mode... Only dos drive loads, and I don't know how to use dos. Is there anyway i can access my windows documents/files through dos create a backup, and then reinstall all software again (windows)? If anyone can help, I'd be realllllllllllllllllly grateful. thanks
  3. My computer has died! Hi. I was advised to run CCleaner on my desktop, and selected all the options and ran the program. Turned my computer off, and when I tried to restart it later, it doesn't boot up windows saying its got a problem with the windows login and a problem with the user interface, both some type of .dll files... I tried using f5 at restart, and tried last known configuration, tried safe mode, and tried multiple normal reboots, but the same thing keeps happening and the last warning box about the user interface dll file only gives the option to restart. I had made a backup of the registry before carrying out the cleaning, but those files are in my windows folders somewhere. What has happened? What can I do to bring my computer back to life? After multiple fails, and trying the boot up recovery disk, the only outcome is an A:/ blinking dos cursor. Please help me out, what and how can I repair this probleM ?
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