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  1. One thing I want in freespace defrag is to be able to move everything to the front of the drive, allowing me to repartition the the freespace. However, after the last defrag with the latest version (1.01.073 beta), it placed some files at the very end of the drive. Neither defragging the freespace (even with allowing fragmentation) will move these files. Plus it's weird that 2 of the blocks are colored green. I've attached a picture. Thanks for any help Robbie G
  2. That's great. I too would like to be able to schedule defraggler to run on a regular basis. Maybe include documentation on how to set it up with Window's Task Scheduler. Thanks! Robbie G
  3. This line should be updated: "Although 64-bit support is not included in this version, we are working on compatibility, so it will be available soon!"
  4. I was going to request this exact same feature, to consolidate the free space at the end of the drive. Helpful when wanting to repartition. Thanks for the great, free product! Robbie G
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