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  1. is there going to be drag and drop for folders? navigating through windows is a pain how about a "recent defrags" so we only have to navigate to the folder once and can use a history for future defrags
  2. ya, to me folder defrag is much more important then file defrag, thanx for the correction
  3. I have another suggestion to go with those above it would be nice to have a shell extension so I could right click a file and have the option to defrag right there
  4. I added this to someone elses feature request and just wonder if it might get overlooked, therefore, new thread' I would love drag and drop for folder and file defrag I would also love a "repeat previous" or a log of previous defrags so I can pick from a scroll down of my former defrags I have temp internet files folder which is the most dynamic defragged and it's really a nice improvement but obviously this folder should stay contiguous for the improvement to continue so I would rather not have to navigate to the folder each time thanx in advance long term, I'd love to be
  5. would love a drag and drop interface in addition to the explorer interface, there should also be a history so we can go to previous defrags and repeat can do? also, would like to have the option to defrag the contents of a folder as well as the folder, I would also like to add a buffer of free space in that folder can do?
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