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    short and powerful answer. thanks
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    When I update my windows in regular times, I create a list of older fixes that can be even bigger as the total amount of other software on my computer. Can I safely delete the old fixes? Hope some help with this question I have already some time now.
  3. Again thanks for the reply and the answers. In fact I am using Firebird already but love spamihilator becaue of its results. I not tried the spam option in Firebird till now. Is it that good as spamihilator? Today i will work on the list and see the result. thanks again.
  4. Thanks for looking at it. What optional optimizations you thinking about?
  5. Hello, I post this Hijackthis log and hope to find out some more about it, and if all is safe. On my system I also have EE (Evidence Eliminator) and they show a minimum list in their help files. My list is huge compairing theirs'. When needed some more information just post the question. Hope anybody can help.
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