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  1. Jeoff

    Wheres davey?

    Yeah where is he? I have been lurking these forums and have noticed davey AWOL What happened?
  2. Get over it already. If a member like this joins my sites and do what IT did above, they would be banned cause i dont wanna hear stupid bulls**t from them
  3. Jeoff

    Windows 7?

    Hey, I see CCleaner 2.14 has windows 7 support... Is windows 7 out on downloads? like free trials?
  4. Just remove the .rar from the save name and add .exe
  5. Seeing as this forum is hosted with godaddy.com...lol.
  6. 7 tabs open here.. 100 mb with ff3
  7. Jeoff


    Yes I am....
  8. Jeoff


    Hello everyone, This camera has worked before on the same pc. I have reinstalled the software and the memory card works . Stopped working 2 weeks ago but i can take pics....
  9. Jeoff


    Some urgent help needed. I have a kodak C530 digital camera. Basically when I connect the camera upto the pc the images do not upload. I have the software installed.
  10. TwistedMetal, is that beta rc or the stable version?
  11. Disable it . It took 10 gig of space on my hdd. WHAT A WASTE haha
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