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  1. yeah so far so good with the new vps update
  2. Updated to the newest verison of Avast! today before work. i get home and there's a crap load of virus alerts on my laptop. (WIN32:Delf-MZG trojan) Now i knew something had to be wrong because Ive never gotten a virus. so i went over to Avast forums and low and behold it wasnt just me. So just wanted to let you guy know not to update till its fixed. og\h and have fun loading the Avast forums there are so many people on there its really slow. You know somethings up when Avast says Blackberry desktop software, Zune player etc are a trojan. http://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=516...36749#msg436749 http://forum.avast.com/index.php?topic=516...36798#msg436798
  3. yeah its a shame how this is on tv. WOT freaks out on this site. avoid
  4. lol i use this in school, bu i gotta use https://www.vtunnel.com cause its blocked if you dont use the S
  5. thanks for this bro. been needing to back up my comp.
  6. hey there dude ill try that out next time i have her laptop ty!
  7. yeah i tried that to bro. that was the first thing i thought of that and sfc/scannow
  8. Well i don't know where this would go so i thought it would go here(if its wrong please move it) but my friend has windows vista on her laptop and has only had it for a couple months and now she cant get her windows updates to work at all. She gets a "error 8004002" and ive searched it and tried many fixes but nothing i even tried Dial-a-fix which being vista it doesn't work on yet. can anyone help at all. cause ive tried everything.
  9. I use it and trust it. Alot of sites still need ratings though. thats the only down side.
  10. dam dude thank you for this one. its getting worse and worse these days.
  11. www.flash-games.psyki.com found this site while looking for flash games to play in school.
  12. finally!! another update. thanks dude
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