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  1. I am new to this forum, joined mostly to add anything that might help with the bug in ver. 2.03. Through ver. 2.01507, everything was running well, cookie deletion (using both Forefox and IE) worked very well. Have used CCleaner for about two years now and up to Version 2.01.507, no problems. I did upgrade a few days ago to ver. 2.03 and ever since then, the cookies would not delete. I understand the cookies to be deleted need to be in the left box, those moved to the right will be kept. I am running three pc's, two have XP Pro, one with XP Media Center Edition. I only updated two of them to the version 2.03 - one running XP Pro, the other the XP Media Center Edition. Both of them responded the same way to attempts to remove cookies when running CCleaner - all remained - in both PC's. This morning I came to the Piriform help site to see what I might be doing wrong, and saw where several people had reverted to the 2.01 version to fix their problems. I still had version 2.01.507, delted 2.03 and reinstalled 2.01.507 - success!! Cookie deletion worked as before. I hope to know when a fixed upgrade is available, meantime, will stay with 2.01.507. If there is anything I can do to help further, please let me know. Thanks for a great system tool. Up until now, it has been one of the best available and still is the best. Everyone has an occasional bug from time to time. Tom - Jupiter, Florida
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